Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Loving You!

I am Love.
I deserve Love.
I give Love.
I live in Love.
Everything I think, say and do is Love.

If only you knew who you are.
If only you could believe you are always Loved.
If only you would treat yourself with Loving kindness.
If only you would allow yourself to give and receive only Love.

When you know you deserve Love, you will stop all suffering.
When you know you deserve only Love, you will choose to be happy.
When you know you deserve all Good, you will stop choosing anything bad.
When you believe you can have only Love in your life, you will receive Love everyday.

It is what we believe that we receive.
It is clearing the old that allows in the new.
It is forgiving the past that brings love that will last.
It is ingesting the best and forgiving the rest that opens the way to Love everyday.

You are the key that changes your life.
Your mind must conceive before you believe you are worthy only of Love.
You must reveal memories and emotions to heal before you can see your own destiny.
It seems so simple and yet really true, you are the key to always loving you!

When I write “Loving You” as my closure to you, I mean it truly!
I Am always and forever “Loving You”, whether you believe it or not!
I used to regret that some never “get” I am writing my truth.
But now I know you heart always knows the “truth” and I am simply your reminder.

Let us all begin today, showing everyone in every way, they are loved.
The magic that happens, the miracle some would say, is the Love you give is the Love you have.
Love cannot be given away, for it only grows in the giving.
Loving yourself is your way of reminding you to give Love everyday in every thought and word you say.

What makes the difference in me is that I see and never forget I am Love loving me and you as One.
What makes the difference is I forget and have no regret when there is what appears to be a “call for Love.”
What makes the difference is I retreat to renew and remind myself when I forget that I Am Love.
What makes the difference is I relate and appreciate always with the intention of being a Loving Reminder.

What can you do to eliminate and forgive your past, so you can see the Love that lasts within YOU?
What can you say to yourself everyday that will allow you to delight in your life?
What can you give that will inspire you to live with only love, appreciation and open-mindedness?
What can you remember that will teach you to be Love, only Love, today , tomorrow and forever?

I see You.
I know You.
I love You.
I am your Loving Reminder.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Let me know when you forget or are struggling and I will remind You!