Saturday, November 09, 2013

Love Never Ends

Affirmation:  (Remember to say and write 20 times daily!)
I love myself and my life.
I love you, trust you and free you.
I appreciate the Love we share.
I let go and forgive everything unlike love.
No matter what, I never quit on Love.

You are Love.
Your purpose is to Love.
Your path is to extend Love.
Your function is to forgive the lack of Love in you and others.

When you are living in Love, you are happy.
When you are giving only Love, you are safe.
When you are forgiving lack of Love, you are healing.
When you are remembering Love always, you are at peace.

Forgiveness is the key.
Love is the answer.
Trusting is the way.
Peace is the goal.

When we practice letting go of fear, we remember Love.
When we are forgiving forgetting, we recognize our part.
When we appreciate all the ways Love is shared, we increase the Love.
When we fill ourselves with Love only Love, we prosper.

Life is meant to be fun, safe and easy.
Life is meant to be a gift of awareness of Love.
Life is meant to free us from our self made blocks to Love.
Life is meant to fulfill all our visions and dreams of a Good Life of Love.

Children show the way to Love.
Nature shows the flow of Love.
Spirit gives us chances to Love.
Life encourages gratitude for Love.

We are here to remember Love.
We are here to encourage Love.
We are here to clear blocks to Love.
We are here to include All in our Love.

And so it is.
Love only Love.
Know Good for Goodness Sake.
Release all that is not Goodness and Love.

Blessing the bountiful Love within.

Betty Lue