Saturday, November 02, 2013

Good to Be Sensitive!

I respect my own needs and do what is best for me.
I trust my sensitivity is lesson or a blessing.
I honor the sensitivity in others and respect their choices.
I listen to what calls for attention with kindness and respect.

You will know when to go.
You will know what to hear.
You will know how to relate.
You will know what is best.

Sensitivity is a sign you are aware.
Sensitivity shows that you care.
Sensitivity indicates spiritual growth.
Sensitivity helps healing and healthy choices. 

Take care and love your sensitivity.
Be aware that every pain is telling you something.
Notice what doesn’t feel right or true for you.
Recognize only you can give yourself the best for you.

Each individual has their own needs to live well.
Each person has their own way of being loved.
Each being has a unique path to follow.
Each one of us is called to live, love and learn our own way.

When we feel forced to conform and follow another’s rules, we may get sick, angry or feel unloved.
When we are not given an opportunity to express or choose our best way, we may rebel or withdraw.
When we are caught in systems designed for the masses, we may shut down or act out.
We each need to find our own way to live, love, create, accomplish and be happy and productive.

Do you honor exactly the foods and eating habits that are best way you?
Do you spend time with the people with whom you can relate?
Do you learn from the people and subjects with which you resonate?
Or do you try to ignore you inner calling and conform to what makes you fit in and belong?

There is pain in not being true to you.
There is confusion in denying your own truth.
There is inner and outer conflict in making excuses for your differences.
There is anger, resentment and bitterness is trying to make others happy with your choices.

When we finally learn how to honor ourselves without dishonoring others, we find relief.
When we are allowed to make our own choices and have our own voice, we find freedom.
When we trust and encourage ourselves to be true to our own values, we feel whole and complete.
When we live our life in the way that makes sense to us, we find inner peace and joy.

Take time to know what is true for you.
Give yourself permission to really be you.
Let go of those relationships and situations that demand you disregard your own needs.
Love yourself enough to trust and free yourself and others to be different and live in integrity.

Love yourself today and you will easily let go and love others as they are.
Respecting and honoring our individual differences.  
Betty Lue

Here is a beneficial exercise for those who need to listen more deeply to what is needed for you to be healthy and happy.
Seeing your body as a resource to be cared for is really powerful. 
I love the letter-to-your-body exercise to build relationship. 
From Debra Basham

Exercise: Write a Letter to Your Body
You may wish to write to your body. 
This can be a letter of gratitude, thanking your body for everything it allows you to do—walking, eating, drinking, sleeping, making love, laughing, touching and being touched, etc. 
If you have been going through a healing crisis or just wish to stay healthy, you can write asking for guidance on how you are able to do that.
You might write a letter to a divine intelligence, to God, asking about the bigger picture. 
What is the meaning of life? 
What do I need to know? 
What would you have me do?
You might decide you would like to think about tuning in to your “Higher Being,” or even to a person you have had a challenge with. Just open your mind and heart, and see what comes through.
Begin just as you would with any other letter you would write. 
Date the letter, and open with a greeting or salutation, and the name of the entity you are addressing.
For example, Dear Body.
Ask or share whatever you are aware of in consciousness, such as any symptoms you might have been experiencing, or questions you would appreciate having answers to.
 Close by signing: Love, [Your Name].
To receive your response, turn the page over, or open a new document.
 This time begin by writing a greeting or salutation to yourself: Dear, [Your Name].
When you are finished, sign the letter with a closing of: Love, [Your Body, or God, etc.]