Sunday, November 03, 2013


I now free myself from all blocks to  the awareness of Love.
I now listen within to the Divine connection with All that is.
I choose to forgive of any resistance or fear of Oneness and Love.
I let go and let Goodness guide my life.

Are you connected?
To connect is to resonate, communicate, respond to, empathize, understand, be open-minded. 

What you connect with, will be increased in you.
When you connect with suffering, you will experience more.
When you connect with neediness, you will have more.
When you connect with Goodness, you will create more.

Whom you connect with, what you perceive will be strengthened in you.
When you focus on drama, you will increase the drama within.
When you give attention to problems, you may develop more problems.
When you value kindness and compassion, you will strengthen your own kindness & compassion.

How are you connected?
Connection is empathy.
Connection is sympathy.
Connection is commiseration.
Connection is shared history.

Are you connected by listening?
Are you connected with giving and receiving?
Are you connected with social activities and fun?
Are you connected with helping and serving?

When we are in relationship, we are called to connect.
Connection brings empathy, compassion, Love and Unity.
Connection is the way we come to know and love one another.
Who you connect with and how you connect makes a difference.

Both attraction and repulsion indicate a call to learn and love.
Both being pulled toward and pushed away indicate a need to learn and let go.
When we are called to love God and fear God, we have something to heal.
When we find ourselves seeking and avoiding, there is a block to Love.

Reunion is remembering to know and love your Self, your Essence.
Reunion is remembering to know and love others.
Reunion is remembering to know and love God, Source, the Infinite and All Presence.
We are here to remember to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God.

We are here to notice and clear all the blocks to Unity and Love.
We are here to forgive, delete, release and undo all the ways we refuse to connect.
We are here to return to Oneness, Unity and unconditional, all powerful loving creation.
When we truly connect, there will be no fear, no harm, no lack, no limitation.

Some fear connection.
Some are needy for connection.
Some interfere with connection.
Some revere connection.

We each choose that patterns, choices, and beliefs we have about connection.
We tend to copy the quality and form of connections we had in our childhood.
We tend to repeat unconscious and unhealed connections, until we forgive and choose again.
We tend to resist or avoid anything that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable, until we see differently.
Connections are the most obvious way we reveal needs to be healed, forgiven and created differently.

Choose your connections with consciousness and wisdom.
Give attention to those ideas, values and people which you want to encourage within yourself.
Your focus, attention and connection have creative potential in your life.
Blessing us all to choose wisely,

Betty Lue