Sunday, November 10, 2013

Changes Work Together for Good

I easily and naturally flow with change.
Change is a blessing to me.
I trust in change and use it for Good.
I allow all things to be as they are.

Letting go is the key to freedom.
Letting go opens the flow of good.
Letting go allows healing.
Letting go is essential for transformation.

Changing your mind changes your life.
Changing your environment allows freedom.
Changing weather changes our feelings about nature.
Changing relationships teaches us patience.

Where we resist change, we sometimes hurt ourselves.
When we fear change, we stop trusting.
When we hang on, we may feel rejected and left.
Where we judge change, we make the changes harder and more difficult.

Change is natural.
Change is healthy.
Change is beneficial.
Change is renewing.

When there is stuckness, there is lethargy, depression and aging.
When there is resistance, there is blocked flow, limited prosperity and lack of freedom.
When we say “no” to change, we may create distrust, fear, contraction, disease and defensiveness.
Opening our mind and heart allow us to learn, love, allow, accept, enjoy and prosper.

All things work together for Good.
Everything always happens more exquisitely than we can plan.
Everything is a lesson or a blessing.
When we are open and willing to allow change in our lives, we live in trust and enjoy the benefits.

Do you resist the new?
Do you fear letting go of the old?
Do you look forward to tomorrow?
Are you still hanging on to yesterday?

Those who remember the challenges of the past usually create them again in the future.
Those who are stuck in feeling guilty about past failures  often anticipate and create future failure.
Those who gently let go of the past with blessings can easily create a blessed and beneficial future.
Those who cling to what they have because it is familiar may miss the bounty of new opportunities.

Remember that you can change everything for the good.
Remember that your life is yours to create.
Remember when you stop creating goodness and blessings, you stop being fully alive.
Remember your transformation and change of thinking changes everything for Good.

Give you life to create, give and receive always and only Good, and Goodness will be your Life! 

Loving you, 
Betty Lue