Monday, November 25, 2013

Be Selective

I choose to remember the good, the beautiful and the holy.
I select moments to remember that delight and inspire me.
I quickly and efficiently erase all that is not good for me.
I use my mind to be kind to me and those I think of.

Selective Remembering gives you the opportunity to hold and cherish the thoughts you wish.
Selective Remembering allows you to release the memories and thoughts that do not serve you.
When you have learned, forgiven, healed and blessed the past, move on to what is next.
When you have undone, received and given the love you have, move on to love again.

People sometimes hold and hoard everything in their minds.
Garbage can be toxic to the mind, body and Spirit.
When you are holding what is dead and done, it will stink.
When you are enjoying what is alive and inspiring, it will enlighten.

Our minds are like a computer.
We can clog them with junk or fill them with joy.
We can archive everything indiscriminately or delete what is unusable.
We can fill them up with memorabilia and use them to inspire and create. 

Our minds are like a mental home in which we live everyday.
We can collect everything, even memories of pain and problems.
We can file and store every memory, highlighting the ones we select.
We can put the photos of tragedy or victory in the forefront of our mind.

We can be like detectives looking over the evidence of all experiences.
We can focus on what went wrong and why it ever happened.
We can see answers and suspects and seek to catch the culprits.
We can cogitate, analyze and go over every shred of evidence to prove our case.

When I choose what to read, watch or ponder, it is the good, the beautiful and the holy.
When I choose what to do with my time and money and energy, it is what inspires me.
When I choose what pictures to hang on the wall and photos to admire, it is the joy they bring.
When I choose how to select what I remember, I prefer what brings me the energy of Love.

We can choose what to archive and store and what to show and share.
We can choose how we want to fill our time and our mind.
We can choose to forgive and forget or the store and analyze.
We can choose to be selective in remembering the good or the bad.

Some choose to let go.
Some choose to hang on.
Some choose to forgive and release.
Some choose to regret and never forget.

We have free will to use our lives to teach and learn whatever we want to be, have and do.
We have the opportunity to live with caution or with freedom.
We can choose to play victim or live as co-creators.
We can choose to learn and bless or resist with distress.

Selective remembering is using your mind for whatever you select to remember.
Forgive, erase, delete, undo and let go when it no longer serves you so you can create anew.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue