Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You Are A Light

I am a Light in my world.  
You are a Light in Your world.

I remember the Love I Am.
I remember the Love Your Are. 

I shine my Light and share my Love freely.
You are shining your Light and sharing Your Love freely.

My life is a gift to me and to all I see.
Your life is a gift to me and to all we see.

Every happy thought, every loving word, every giving deed is a Light in the Darkness.
Every happy thought reminds all those you think of and who think of you.
Every loving word comforts, reassures and inspires those who hear your voice.
Every giving deed fills and transforms those who feel empty and afraid, lost and alone.

We are never alone, but truly all one.
We are never separate from Source or Life Force, but rather we pull back afraid of our own darkness.
We are never without Love and Light, but merely covering our eyes and hiding from the Light.
When we feel safe and loved, we uncover our eyes and open our hearts to remember the Truth.

When I want a world of Love, I must remember to share the Love I Am.
In this, I am found and not lost.
In this, I am reminded as I remind others.
In this, I am reunited, as I connect with the Love  in All.

Do not quit on Love, because this is quitting on ourselves.
Do not judge another, for this is judging the one we are.
Do not abandon or reject for this is separating from Self.
Forgive and Love again.

Forgive your fear and shine a light in the darkness.
Forgive and see what is missing.
Forgive and give what has not been given.
Forgive and return to Love.

And if the hurt and anger is too much to bear, step away and heal.
And if you find your hatred and fear closes your heart, step away and forgive.
And if you cannot return, send your blessing, a messenger, a healer, a prayer.
And when you know you have done as you are called, be at peace and know Great Love.

Our work here together is not complete until everyone remembers.
Our work together on this planet is to  heal and awaken, to love and to laugh.
Our work as the family of humanity is to stop the madness and awaken in sanity.
Our real work is to clear the fear and anger and craziness in receive the Love in us.

Where your Light is shining, you see no darkness.
When your Love is flowing, you feel no aloneness.
When your eyes are open, you respond with shining.
When your heart is open, you respond with loving.

Life gives life.
Love shares Love.
Light meets Light with De Light.
And so it is, we remember, we are the Loving Reminders.

Loving you in remembering You.
Betty Lue