Friday, October 25, 2013

To Each Your Own

I trust myself to follow my heart and inner direction.
I make choices that resonate with what is true for me.
I take full and total responsibility for everything I choose.
I trust and free myself to fully be myself in everything I do.

Do you own thing.
Live your own life your way.
Be the captain of your destiny.
Know Your Self and be True to You!

We come to Hawaii, but do not lie on the beach.
We enjoy our condo doing what we love best!
We vision and plan for the next creations.
We write and edit our books.
We exercise and eat healthy every day.
We have lots of silence and flow with what is.
We live here much like we live at our Lake House.
We have a life filled with loving service, creative inspiration and enjoying our peaceful world.

We have enjoyed many adventures. 
We have travelled many places.
We have helped many people.
We have created many centers for counseling, healing and spiritual growth.

We enjoy our own company.
We prefer to be quiet.
We laugh and smile a lot.
We express gratitude and praise for everything.

In our everyday life, we clean up after ourselves.
There are no leftover messes in relationships, finances, healthcare, or physical environment.
We keep our minds and bodies, home and work places, relationships and creations, clean and in harmony.
We prefer to wake up and go to sleep to an inner and outer world that feels beautiful, inspiring and good.

When we are inspired, we create.
When we are hungry, we eat.
When we are tired, we sleep.
When we have something meaningful to say, we say it.

Life is simple and uncomplicated.
Love is open and honest.
Gratitude fills our time.
Creation is our natural expression.

There is nothing that should be done, because everything we do we choose to do!
There is no one we worry about, because we have loved, served and blessed everyone fully.
There is nothing that attracts or distracts, because we do not deny ourselves anything that is good.
There is no harm from what we experience, because we learn from everything and everyone.

There are no regrets, because we live in present moment with great appreciation.
There is no guilt, because we see everything as lesson or blessing.
There is no harm, because we know only Love is real.
There is gratitude for the past, enjoyment of the present and enthusiasm for the future.

Life is Good, 
Betty Lue