Sunday, October 27, 2013

Share What You Have

Giving is Receiving.
What I give, I receive.
All I give is giving to myself.
I always have plenty to share with others.

When you freely share what you have received, you will receive even more to share.
So it is, the world expands in its naturally abundant nature.
When you conserve what you have received and hesitate or hate to share, you will receive even less.
When you share what you have with gratitude and joy, you experience even more gratitude and joy.

Those who have, are responsible to teach those who have not.
Those who have are able to share what they have to benefit all.
Those who have received so they can create a better world.
Those who have are able and willing to make a difference in our world.

What you have is given to be used responsibly.
When we keep what we have and will not share or teach others, it will not last.
The greed and need to have more will always eventually balance out so all can benefit.
Share what you have and all will benefit.

Charity begins at home.
Are you sharing your wisdom and wealth with those around you.
Do you give so that others might learn to contribute as well.
Where we give to have it used wastefully without appreciation, we have wasted our gifts.

All gifts are meant to appreciate and grow in value.
When gifts we give lie in the hands of uncaring selfishness, we are mistaken.
When our treasures gather dust from disuse in vaults, they lose their value.
When our words fall on deaf ears and no one hears the wisdom we share, we are fools.

Give where it is received with gladness and full appreciation.
Give where you know it is being used wisely and well.
Give where you can see how your gifts grow in value.
Give where you feel the appreciation is genuine.

My favorite place to give is KIVA
I can see how the small business loan will benefit people and communities around the world.
Every month is simply loan $25 or more with a person or group of my choosing and watch its use.
The loans are repaid over time to be used again for another small business loan.
I am sending you the website for the best place to give money. where you are loan as little as $25 to small businesses all over the world.  The money is repaid usually within 3-6 months, so you can loan again. It is amazing what a few dollars can do in other parts of the world.  Check it out.  This is the link to use..... To connect with our Kiva account..

Give to education.
Give to inspiration.
Give to celebration.
Give where it will have the greatest impact.

Give to what fills you up with joy.
Give where you feel most moved.
Give to where you receive inspiration to give more.
Give to what creates a better world for the planet and her children.

Give to what brings peace.
Give to what inspires Love.
Give to what heals nations.
Give to what creates more giving.

I always ask myself…
Does this giving create more independence?
Does this giving make people better and more responsible.
Does this giving teach values and inspire working harder and smarter?
Does this giving make the world a better place for our grandchildren?

Sharing all I have for the Good of All,

Betty Lue