Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Course Correction

I only choose what is best for my mind and body.
I  live a good life by following the highest path.
I no longer choose what does not work.
I quickly correct all errors in my mind.

How do you know when you are off course?
How do you tell when you are not doing what is best for you?
Can you discern when your choices are not working for you?
Are you sensitive and aware of what is not right for you?

Only you can tell, because no one else is YOU.
Only you know when a food, relationship, job, environment or attitude is not healthy.
Only you can experience what works and doesn’t work for your body and mind.
The signs are found in your body, emotions and thoughts.

Pain is the primary symptom of being off course.
Physical, emotional, environmental, financial pain are obvious ways to notice what is not working.
Many people simply adapt to circumstances or substances that have negative side effects.
Most people use drugs, distractions, denial or other self medications to cover and ignore the pain.

Your life is your teacher.
When you pay attention, you see and feel what is not working.
When your life is not positive and peaceful, you are off course.
When we are on path, we experience peace, happiness, fulfillment.

Our co dependent relationships allow us to keep doing what does not work.
Illnesses, addictions, relationship and financial issues are symptoms.
Underlying all pain and problems is the primary issue of being off course.
When we refuse to address the real error, we continue to blame, cover, self medicate and distract.

Life is our canvas on which we experience what is good and bad.
It offers signs, symptoms and pain to help us notice what is wrong.
When we immediately stop, we can assess the wrong mistake, error in judgment or mistaken belief.
We can forgive and erase the past and choose again the “right” way, the best way for us.

If drinking does not work, stop.
If swearing does not work, stop.
If being critical and hurtful doesn’t work, stop.
If eating certain foods, does not work, stop.

If we keep going and cover the mistakes with excuses, justifications, medication, therapeutic interventions, but keep doing the same thing, we are fooling ourselves and only getting further off purpose and off path.
If we try to do what our friends are doing or using the many defenses against the truth, we get stuck.
Experts may convince us a medication or process will allow us to keep doing what does not work.

Temporary fixes and distractions delay the inevitable question, “Where are you going?”
Finding our right path, right livelihood, right environment, right diet, right relationships is the solution.
Choosing only what supports us in actualizing our goals and living our mission is the solution.
If you do not know the purpose of your life, you will try others paths to find your own purpose.

If you can feel something is not working, stop and listen within to see where you are going!
Make all choices that only support your life path and purpose.
Forgive, erase and let go of the past.
Choose again what totally supports you living your life with gratitude, peace and fulfillment.

Loving you in choosing what is Good for You!
Betty Lue

Stop when it isn’t working for you.
No need to blame or feel guilty.
Simply stop and don’t do it again.
Forgive any judgments or leftovers from past mistakes.
No need to tell the story, figure out why or get agreement or sympathy.
Simply and immediately choose again for what you do want.
Keep your goal in mind as you clear the emotions.

Choose to be, do and have what you really want.