Thursday, October 24, 2013

Love Is All

I give my life to Love.
Love is my natural state.
Love never ends. I only changes form.
I never quit on Love.

Global Oneness Day!

Perfect Love is all that matters.
We seem to be trying out imperfect forms of Love.
When we cannot remember to Love, we often fall into unloving ways.
Our lack of Love is determined by faulty thinking and fear of losing Love.

It is ironic that our fear of losing love causes us to stop loving.
When we love inconsistently, we will experience being loved inconsistently.
When we love and allow, accept and trust, we experience the same for ourselves.
I love you no matter what.

The only mistake we ever make is when we quit on Love.
Perfect Love casts out fear.
Perfect Love is safe and secure.
Perfect Love has no end.
Perfect Love makes everyone friend.

The time is now to explore what it means to always Love, simply for the sake of Loving.
To Love is natural . 
To fear is learned.
To Love is being Real.
To withhold Love is a defense.

Love Begets Miracles.
Withholding love causes harm.
Love creates Light and Delight. 
Blocking Love causes darkness and regret.

Love creates Goodness and Gratitude.
Shutting down Love causes fear and defensiveness.
Love brings Joy and Generosity.
Withholding Love causes Pain and selfishness.

Wash away all blocks to the awareness of Love.
Forgive and erase every unloving thought.
Be willing to see the Beauty and goodness in everyone.
Open your heart to be the One, shining like the sun!

We are here in Hawaii on sabbatical and retreat.  
Come with us in April 5-8, 2014. “Learn to Love It All!”
Great fun and lots of Love!

Loving you,
Betty Lue