Friday, October 11, 2013

Lesson or Blessing

I learn quickly and easily from everything in life.
I show up, pay attention and tell the Truth with detachment.
I give blessings and receive blessings everyday.
Life is good, because I choose to see it is Good.

Everything is either a lesson to be learned or a blessing to our lives.
Many times the lesson becomes the blessing.
When we cannot learn from what comes our way, it may seem a curse.
When we are not open to the gift or blessing in our lives, it may seem the opposite.

Life offers much to learn.
Life gives us freedom of choice.
Life allows us to interpret what we experience.
Life gives us ways to delete the past or exalt it.
Life shows us how to perceive things differently.
Life opens our eyes to see the differences in others perceptions.

We notice when we judge one way, that is what we wil see.
When we focus on something it appears to become bigger and stronger.
When we hate or condemn, we seem to fear it will come back to us.
When we are loving and kind, we receive more love and kindness.

There is a circular nature to life so what we give, we receive.
There is challenge to learn in struggles and difficulties.
There is a choice to be lazy or to work hard.
There is a chance to feel bless and be blessed when we are the blessing.

When we are willing to love ourselves and our lives, we feel safe.
When we feel safe, we open ourselves to learn and/or feel blessed.
When we judge or condemn ourselves and others, we feel unloved and unsafe.
When we feel unsafe, we shut down and hide or act out and are defensive and offensive.

Some try to change what is true and universal.
Some keep on doing the same thing that doesn’t work to try to make it work.
Some want others to love and validate them, before they are willing to love themselves.
Some just keep doing the same thing because they don’t want to change or be wrong.

When we learn the lessons in life, we find life can be fun, safe and easy.
When we learn the lessons in life, we change our thoughts and words and behavior easily.
When we learn the lessons in life, we forgive all errors and choose again quickly.
When we learn the lessons in life, we feel blessings in everything.

When we learn from everything, we step away from fighting without judgment.
When we learn from life, we stop trying to get our own way that is not the right and good way.
When we learn how to listen within, we allow our inner guidance to show us where we need to go.
When we learn from watching what grows, we sow, what we want to grow. 

The lesson is to trust there is Good in all things.
The blessing is to receive all Good and only Good.
And so it is.
Betty Lue