Tuesday, October 08, 2013

How Do You Use or Abuse Your Time?

I use all my time wisely and well.
My life is balanced with work and play, creativity and rest.
I respect myself and respond to every upset as a wakeup call.
I forgive all mistakes immediately and choose again for the Good.

Do you wish you had more time?
Do you feel rushed or overwhelmed?
Are you tired of feeling tired?
Do you ever stop to really look at what matters?

Do you use your time alone to renew and revitalize your Self?
Do you use your time with your family to let them know they matter?
Do you use your time at home to make it a place of peace and nurturing?
Do you give yourself the opportunity to say “no” to what depletes you?

If you are yelling and criticizing, do you see how it is a waste of your time?
If you watch empty TV,  face book and twitter stuff, do you feel it offers little or nothing?
If you feed yourself fast food and pills, do you realize it offers nothing really healthy?
If you engage in gossip, complaining and nagging, do you get how it drains you of enjoyment?

You are responsible for your use of time.
You can choose wisely or let the demands of life choose for you.
When you are a ”victim” of what seems to be demanded, you will demand from others too!
When you are willing to choose what are your priorities, you will teach others to do so too!

We are here to learn to create our own lives.
When we are responsible and able to respond ( not react), we have ceased being a vicitim of our life.
When we are willing to set goals and prioritize our use of time, we easily accomplish our goals.
When we are effective in our use of our time and energy, life works for us….rather than disteacts us.

Do you mind your own business?
Do to accomplish your priorities first?
Do you demonstrate how to manage your time and your life?
Do you enjoy and appreciate everything you do with your time?

Listen to yourself!
Honor your own needs.
Read and watch and listen to what inspires you.
Fill your time with creating, gratitude and joy.

Life is valuable.
Relationships are precious.
Your thoughts and words and choices make a difference,
If you know better, be willing to do better!

Thank you for taking time to choose again for what is best for you.
Use your time wisely and well.
Betty Lue