Monday, October 07, 2013

Everyone Deserves Your Best……Including you!

I live my life the highest and best way I know.
I am willing to learn better ways to live.
I let life be my teacher and learn what is best for me.
I trust and free others to learn what is best for them.

Do you know what is best for you?
Are you still discovering what is right and wrong? 
Can you ever know what is good for others?
We may believe what is good for us is right for another.

Do you know how it feels when you have done your best?
Are you aware of having a sense of deep peace and gratitude?
Do you know how it feels to be truly happy?
When we take impeccable care of our whole self, we are not upset by anyone.

When we are living on purpose and living our best, we take nothing personally.
When we are living our Truth, we feel content and simply accept others as they are.
When we are on path, we trust others to be finding theirs as well.
When our whole life is in order, we can detach with love and respect.

Life works when we do our work.
What is this work?
  1. Our work is to take nothing personally.
  2. Our work is to make no assumptions.
  3. Our works is to keep our agreements.
  4. Our work is to always do our best.

These Four Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz is just the beginning.
However these agreements lived daily open the way to living our purpose everyday.
When our relationships are harmonious, and our everyday work meaningful, we begin to see the way.
When we are in integrity with all we do and say, we discover peace within ourselves.

There are an infinite number of teachers and teachings, paths and purposes.
Our healing and holy work is to find the way that works for us everyday.
When we find and live the way that is True for us, we no longer need to criticize, fix or change.
We do not meddle or interfere with others as they find their way to their purpose and path.

Some are here to celebrate and appreciate.
Some are here to mediate and negotiate.
Some are here to heal and help 
Some are here to vision and create.

All are here to love, trust and free ourselves to be ourselves, to actualize and live our lives well.
Harmony comes when we give everyone respect.
Harmony comes from being fully responsible for the quality of our lives and our relationships.
Harmony comes from being awake and aware of what we need to heal and undo within.

When we are in harmony with all life, we are free to enjoy the life we have created.
Now is our time to allow peace within and extend peace without.
This is our life to enjoy and appreciate, as we have created it to be.
Set yourself free today to live your best Self everywhere with everyone.

Loving you in being true to the Best in you,
Betty Lue