Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do You know When to Stop?

I easily stop all negative thoughts, words and behavior.
I no longer allow immature and impulsive choices.
I quit doing what is unhealthy for me.
I now choose only what is for the highest Good of all.

Do you know how to stop?
Are you willing to stop?
Do you need someone to tell you to stop?
Or are you rebellious, stubborn or foolish?

Stop means Stop.
Do not keep going!
Stop means stop doing what you are doing.
Stop means don’t keep doing it.

Why would you need to stop?
It is unsafe.  
It may be harmful to yourself and others.
It will give you time to make a better choice.
You can make a better choice, when you pause.
You look around and see what is happening. 
You need to consider alternative choices.
You are going in the wrong direction.
There is a better way.
You need to listen for your own highest choice.

Impulse control for adults and children is a problem right now.
Doing what you feel like doing when you feel like doing it is immature.
Giving excuses or making up justifications is a sign of a mistaken choice.
To stop choices and behaviors that are harmful or immature or impulsive is wise and good.

Do you know what is best for you?
Do you always do what is best for you?
Do you model behavior you are proud of?
Do you always do what you want others to see?

Key test is to ask, “Is this behavior a choice I want the whole world to see?”
Is this how I want humanity to be?
Is this choice or behavior highest and best for me and those around me?
Do I know and live the best I can everyday, in private and public?

If there is any shame, guilt, doubt or fear about what we do or say, we are doing something wrong.
If we have to justify, explain, cover-up or deny our choices or behaviors, we are making a mistake.
If we have leftover pain, shame, fear or guilt, we have made a wrong choice and need to make amends.
If we do not know what is right and good for everyone, we must stop and wait for clarity in our choices.

Impulse control means being able to stop ourselves from doing harmful, crazy or destructive things.
Impulse control means being able to stop talking, acting, thinking or behaving in stupid hurtful ways.
Impulse control means not allowing emotions to lead us in spending, gambling, dumping or harming.
Impulse control means we no longer allow our infantile and immature ego to lead us into stupid actions.

Stop and choose again.
Stop and thing again.
Stop and forgive your mistakes.
Stop and find a better way.

I bless all in stopping wasting our lives on distractions, denial, destruction and detrimental choices.
Loving you in choosing again always and only for the highest and best for one and all,

Betty Lue