Saturday, October 26, 2013

Change Is Fun, Safe and Easy

I quickly and easily change what no longer serves what is Good for me.
I easily undo whatever is no longer true for me and you.
I forgive, erase and gently replace habits, behaviors and words with ones of grace.
I encourage, support and trust that all change works together for Good.
I let go and let Good be what it is meant to be.

When we trust in the power and presence of Good in our lives, we can easily let go.
When we know there is a mighty flow toward the ocean, we stop fighting gravity.
When we seek and encourage what is most healing and healthy for all, we let go.
When we believe in the place of grace in our lives, we choose allowance and peace.

Why resist and insist, when we know there is a higher and better way to let go?
Why be frightened and fight change, when we know physical life will always rearrange?
Why cry and ask “Why Me?” when we can see the way to be free?
Why worry and fret, when we know it is time to forgive and forget?

When will we learn it hurts to hold on and just get on with life?
When will we trust everything is for us to find a better way to be?
When will we understand, if we stand in support of our healing, we will feel safe?
When will we know, we must let go, so things can change and grow us?

For many change means facing the unknown.
For others change can be not having control.
For me change is exciting and anticipated with curiosity.
Change can be what you want it to be for you.

Change your mind about change.
You will see we create the change as we want it to be.
When we believe it all works together for Good, it will be so.
When we believe it will be painful and hard, sad and scary, so it is as well.

We are choosing our lives as they appear to be for us.
We are changing our lives as we wish they could be for us.
We are changing our minds, so we can feel better about change.
We are changing our experiences by changing our minds.

Make small changes and appreciate them.
Make simple changes and enjoy the results.
Make easy changes and observe how it flows.
Makes natural changes and notice how life goes.

Everything will flow to a greater good, when we let go.
Everything will show a better way to live, when we allow it to be.
Everything will contribute to a life that is right and true, when we trust in the Good.
Everything will be as it is meant to be, when we set ourselves free.

Life in physical form, is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of infinite possibility.
We learn from everything and everyone when we are awake and aware, open and willing.
We constantly will seek higher ground when we allow ourselves to move naturally.
We easily will make new choices and explore new possibilities when we are unafraid and unattached.

I trust you and me to set ourselves free to be wherever we are called to be.
Betty Lue