Friday, October 18, 2013

Be Consistent

Life works because I do the work consistenly.
Iremind myself daily and live what I know.
I trust, respect and live my values.
I appreciate the life I have and life continues to give to me.

Live what you teach.
Be who you say you are.
Act in integrity with your values.
Take responsibility for your words and behavior.

Have you examined your values?
Do you live what you believe?
Are you willing to walk your talk?
Do you believe what you say?

What do you believe in?
How do you live?
What do you value most?
Is this what you give?

Look at what works for you.
When you are consistent, you learn to succeed.
When you are ambivalent, you get stuck going no where.
When you are confused and conflicted, you may occasionally succeed.

Consistency yields consistent results.
Constancy yields constant results.
When you clean your house consistently, your house is consistently clean.
When you constantly appreciate the life you have, you always feel grateful.

If you constantly yell and make demands, what are your results?
If you consistently interrupt others, what do you see others do to you?
If you are consistently kind and respectful, how do others treat you?
If you listen and learn from others, do others listen and learn from you?

How we treat ourselves and others teaches others to treat you and themselves that way too.
How we respond to others shows them how to respond to us.
In relationships with kids or adults, they unconsciously copy us.
Give what you want to have and it will be given to you.

Life is about learning to live what we value.
When we are willing to model our desired behavior, we are teaching.
When we are willing to honor our beliefs, we strengthen them.
When we are willing to share what matters to us, we create a world we enjoy.

Remind yourself each morning with what you choose to be and do.
Correct any mistakes quickly and consistently with acknowledgement and forgiveness.
Give with each thought, word and activity what you want your world to see and be.
Appreciate all that is good in you and your life that you might return steadfastly to Love.

Loving you in creating your own Good Life consistently and with constancy!
True B”Lue