Saturday, September 07, 2013

What is Good?

You are not Stuck! 
You can have the life you want! 
It takes practice daily!
What you think and say and do becomes YOU!
When you choose to affirm, you clear the fear and resistance to Be.
When you work to undo what you no longer believe to be true, you set yourself free.
When you practice forgivenss (erase with Love) and affirmations ( written and spoken), you can believe and live what you want to see and be and have and do
There are no limits in you, when you believe it is true!

I now receive all Good and only Good.
I now give all Good and only Good.
I am Good, I have Good. I give Good.
I am grateful my life is so Good.

All I see is the Good in You and me.
All that’s true is the Love in Me and You.
All I seek to be is One who sets us Free.
All I trust is “Being Good is a Must.”

Rhymes and chants, songs and poems, are a way of reminding ourselves.
Instead of stinking thinking, how about singing songs of hope, faith and love.
Life is good and getting better when we remember Good God is in charge.
When we let the worldly thoughts lead us, we are deceived, detoured and discouraged.

It is time to give our life to Good.

We may get lost in the past.
Change our minds, for Goodness Sake.
We may doubt what is to come.
Turn it over, for Goodness Sake.

We may deny what we can have.
Give it to Goodness for all.
We may think about the bad.
Forgive our incorrect thought.

We may experience some problem or pain.
Seek the lesson or blessing.
We may be afraid of the future.
Choose always for the highest Good.

We may feel guilty and regretful.
Forgiveness is the way to Good.
We may feel resentful and hurt.
Erase what was and seek Good now.

We may not know how to let Good in.
Love is the way to begin.
We may not understand how it all works.
Be willing to believe you deserve only Good.
Goodness created you Good for the single purpose of doing Good and having Good.
So be the Good You Are.
Betty Lue

Prayer for Goodness

Dear One,

I hold you in the light and love of God and Goodness.  
 I pray that as you open yourself to divine blessings, you receive greater peace, health and prosperity. 
 I envision you healthy and whole, pursuing your goals and fulfilling your dreams. 
 I pray that at the start of your day, you are filled with confidence and energy, ready to experience a day of meaning and fulfillment. 
 I pray that tonight as you lay your head on your pillow, ready for sleep, you have peace about the day that is ending and expectation of Good for the new day to come. 
  And so it is. Amen