Monday, September 09, 2013

Want True Friendship?

I am a good friend to myself and others.
I treat myself with love, appreciation and respect.
I balance my life with work and play, rest and contribution.
I now create a good life for me.

Want a personal friend?
Need someone to talk with?
Want to share time together?
Would you like someone to count on?

Technology has changed many aspects of all relationships.
Conversations and language has changed.
Distance between people has changed.
Confidentiality has changed.

Emotional exchanges have changed.
Use of negatives, swearing and gossip has changed.
Tweeting and texting and Facebook have changed everything.
Now we can go on line and post whatever we want about anyone.

Recently I was asked how to create friendships.
Like everything else we want, we must first KNOW what we want.
Some want exclusive time.
Some want a shoulder to cry on.
Some want a place to run to in times of need.
Some want a companion to share movies, dinner, hikes and mutual likes.
Some want to know there is always someone to care and confide in.
Some want a place to vent and complain and get advice and share pain.
Some want to go shopping, party and hang out.

The real question before you go looking is to explore your picture of friendship.
What do you want in your relationships?
We cannot assume anyone has the same picture of friendship, partnership, marriage, neighbor as you do.
We must clarify exactly what we want.

Many know what they don’t want.
Many have failed relationships they don’t want to repeat.
Many can easily tell you their past history and unforgiven hurts.
Most have no picture of words for what they do want.

To have something good, tailor made for you, you must get clear about what it is.
To attract a friend that fits your requirements, you must clarify how it looks and feels for you.
To have a friend in your life that meets your needs, you must be specific and selective.
To create a lasting relationship with anyone, you must consistently meet your own requirements.

As with anything in life we really want, it is our work to create, attract, clarify, and set the stage.
To fill our own wishes, we must envision, desire, trust, prepare, commit, take action and appreciate.
Life is our canvas and drawing board. 
We are to practice creating a good life and healthy relationships for ourselves, until we get it right.

I now undo my mis-creations quickly and easily.
I now forgive all mistakes, mine and others.
I now choose to see the blessings and lessons.
I am grateful to be a willing learner and creative Being.

Life works best when we are willing to forgive and choose again quickly and easily.
Betty Lue
My life is the impersonal life.

IMPERSONAL LIFE                           PERSONAL LIFE
CREATION                                                               HEALING
SERVICE                                                                    ACCOMPLISHMENT
GIVING FOR GIVING                                             GIVING TO GET
AT PEACE                                                                 INSECURE
FREE                                                                          ATTACHED
BEING                                                                        SEEKING
KNOW HAVE EVERYTHING                                 LACKING, LIMITED, LITTLE
FORGIVING                                                              JUDGING
QUIET                                                                        IDLE CHATTER
CHOOSING REALITY                                             INVESTMENT IN ILLUSIONS
INNER LISTENING                                                  OUTER LISTENING
INNER DIRECTED                                                   OUTER DIRECTED
SURRENDERED                                                       STRIVING & SEEKING
FOLLOWING                                                            LEADING OR LOST
CONSISTENT                                                           CHANGING
SPIRIT-FILLED                                                         PRIDE-FILLED OR SELF-DEPRICATING
BELIEF IN HOLINESS                                             BELIEF IN SIN & WRONG
TRUST ALL IS WELL                                              ATTACHED TO OUTCOME
HOLY RELATIONSHIPS                                         SPECIAL LOVES AND HATES
NO PREFERENCES                                                  ADDICTIONS
KNOWS                                                                     THINKS HE KNOWS
TRUSTS WHAT IS                                                   WANTS CHANGES OR DESIRED RESULT
GRACE                                                                      HIGHS & LOWS, UPS & DOWNS

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