Thursday, September 05, 2013

Heal the Past

As I heal, I reveal all the Good in me.
I let go of what was to receive the Good in what is.
I see Who I AM, as I am willing to see Who You Really Are.
I recognize and appreciate all the Good in Me,

The past is gone.
The past is not here.
The past cannot touch me.
The past is clear.

Why keep the archived history?
Why let your past guide your today?
Why do you believe it can hurt you?
Why do you remember the pain?

Dragging around a bag of old hurt slows you down in every way!
Letting the stories about your history be what guides you, is to live in your past.
Telling the story what is not inspiring or true, is to carry a myth about your life and you.
Remember what lifts you up with encouragement and joy as your inspiration for you now.

Have you ever noticed what happens in your body when you remember the pain?
Have you watched your breathing when you think about past hurts, fear and wrongs?
Have you seen where joy and love go when you think about what used to be?
Have you observed the energy drain when you even review what others have “done to you”?

It may be time to reclaim your life.
No need to shame or blame or crucify.
No need to guilt or fear or feel sorry for.
No need to remember what is not valuable.

If you do not want to live it again, erase the story.
If you do not want to have it, release it for good.
If you do not value it, do not pass it on.
If you do not want to remember it, forget it now.

I sometimes tell folks to write or tell the story once fully, to savor all the learning you can.
Then no need to tell it over and over, unless you really have not learned, forgiven and blessed.
When we let anything or anyone to haunt us, we have not received the lesson and the blessing.
When we have not truly release pain and blame from our minds, we are not seeing the value.

What will it take to create today brand new?
What will it require to let tomorrow’s stories be done?
What can we do to feel whole and happy, innocent and new?
All it takes it to forgive being the old into the new and the past into the present.

Let bygones be bygones.
Forgiveness erases the past, and fills the present with Love!
Betty Lue

I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.

Healing Our Projections => Seeing Only Wholeness

1.  We perceive what we believe.
2.  We believe what we think we are.
3.   If I believe I am my past, then I believe you are your past.
4.   Believing in my past is to see and live it over again in all I see and do and am.
5.   Believing in your past is to remember it and continue to blame you for it. 
6.  The more I feel guilty about my past, the more I place blame on you.
7.  All anger is my guilt projected onto others.
8.  To forgive my past is to release it.
9.  To release is to see it no more.
10. As I release my past, I release others from my projected guilt and self-judgment. 
11. As I see myself whole, I see wholeness in others.
12 .As I heal my guilt about past mistakes, I heal my fear of the future.
13. To be in the present is to heal (erase) the past.
14. As I live in the present and love myself as I am now, I like you in the present and see you as you are now.
15. In this present moment, there is only Love for ourselves, each other and all that is.