Sunday, September 08, 2013

Everyone Deserves the Best!

The more I live my best, the more I give my best.
The more I give my best, the more I inspire others to give their best.
The more I live my best, the more I have to give.
When we all live and give our best, the more we all are happy and at peace.

Everyone, rich or poor, young or old, healthy or not, deserves our very best.
Everyone, in spite of their emotional, educational, financial, relational state deserves our best.
How can anyone know there is something better without experiencing our example?
How can we improve the state of relationships, health, education, economics, if we settle for mediocrity?

No matter what profession or place we find ourselves, giving our best is the least we can do.
No matter what our own mental, physical, financial or emotional state, we can give our best.
The only way we can better ourselves, our families, community and our world is with our best.
We can make a major difference, one moment at a time, by giving our very best.

It is easy to go along to get along.
It is easy to be weak instead of strong.
It is easy to sit on the couch and vege.
It is easy to say “I don’t feel like it right now.”

Are we an adolescent lazy dismissive society?
Are we used to following the crowd we see?
Are we accepting we don’t have to do anything?
Are we conforming to the norm to see what that will bring?

Let us care about everyone, not just some.
Let us share the best we have…with each one we meet.
Let us be fair to those who don’t ask for themselves.
Let us give the best we have and watch everyone become their best.

Maybe not an overnight change or success, but in time everyone improves with even on being their best.
Maybe you have been disappointed, time and time again, but it never feels good to quit on anyone.
Maybe you lost your way and decided to play the “don’t care” game, but you can stop and choose again.
I guarantee it feels great giving your all and inspires you to grow and stand tall.

Be strong and good.
Be willing and able.
Be caring and sharing.
Be fair and square with everyone.

What you give is a gift to yourself.
When you give less than your best, you shortchange you.
When don’t care and withhold, you know it and feel shame and guilt.
When you give your best, you feel pleased and proud, happy with yourself.

Give your best to everyone.
Be the best you can be with your thoughts and words and activities.
Be your best self, whether alone or in a crowd.
Be your best, 24/7. at home and work, and you will feel no shame or guilt again.

Giving the best I know all the time, 
Betty Lue
You deserve my very best and so do I!