Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do You Know How To Be Successful?

I can do what I choose to do and be and have.
There are no limits to my life.
What I conceive and believe, I can achieve.
Everything always works more exquisitely than I can plan.

Do what successful people do.
Have what successful people have.
Think, speak and act like you are successful!
Success begins within you.
Imagine, talk, feel and act successful!

If you don’t know what successful people be, do and have, observe someone you believe is successful.
If you don’t understand what success is for you, make your own list of qualities for success.
If you don’t believe you can be successful, forgive your list of excuses, limiting beliefs and doubts.
If you are unwilling to do what it takes, settle for what have and choose to be content with your choice. 

Not everyone wants success.
Not everyone wants to do the work.
Not everyone is willing to learn.
Not everyone needs success to be happy.

We can be successful at being healthy, responsible, happy and in love.
We can be successful at meditating, growing a vegetable garden, paying our bills.
We can be successful at forgiving others, being peaceful, having a positive attitude.
We can be successful at starting a business, buying a house or investing for the future. 

Everyone can choose to be successful at being Who they are and Doing what they do.
It requires, clearing, erasing, forgiving undoing every thought, word and action to the contrary.
Clearing all doubt and self sabotage is our function in being wherever we are.
Releasing all objections, excuses, complaints and justification is the work.

We may already be successful at being lazy and procrastinating and waiting.
We may be successful at convincing ourselves and others that we are unable.
We may have allowed fear to interfere and others advice or stories to be our guide.
We may have become an expert at avoiding risk and failure by simply not doing.

There is no rational reason for anyone to deny their own success.
There is no excuse for not taking full responsibility for our choices.
There is no understanding for our limited, lacking and belittling state.
We all have much to let go, undo, forgive, release to free ourselves to be.

Success comes in fully being true to the “I AM” within.
Success is found in self talk that is trusting, respectful and appreciative.
Success is ours when we see our life with full responsibility and no guilt or blame.
When we live a life with no excuses, no complaints, no “yes, buts” and full faith, we are successful.

What can you do?  Today, right now, every morning and night, with each breath!
You can forgive your excuses and give up your stories and choose again.
You can be your own best friend and encourage you to do exactly what is “right” for you.
You can accept full and total responsibility for all you do and are and see.
Live your whole life your way.
You will learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t work for you.
You will have so much fun, learning from everything and everyone what works.
You will feel safe when you no longer badger yourself with criticism and guilt.

Imagine your world, happy and healthy and free, when everyone chooses to BE.
Be Happy.  Be Healthy.  Be Free.
You will see what we all are meant to be!
Loving your success and mine and ours as we live in Love and Joy and Peace.
 Betty Lue
This is a great workshop starter! 
Created over 25 years ago and used successfully over and over again. 
Use it now and let it work for you.

Your Power Tools for Success 

Power Tools
                  Clarity                Erase doubt and fear.
                  Communication  Be self-aware.
                  Choice                Be at cause.
                  Change               Trust the unknown.
                  Commitment       Wholeheartedly go for it.
                  Contribution        Give what has heart & meaning.
                  Celebration         Appreciate & enjoy the good in life.

Seven Steps To Success
                  Vision                  See it                 Imaging Your Desired Outcome
                  Faith                   Believe it           Self-Confidence & Trust
                  Passion               Desire it            Desire & Enthusiasm
                  Commitment      Choose it           Persistence & Determination
                  Strategy              Plan it                Planning & Preparation
                  Action                 Go for it             Willingness & Taking Action
                  Gratitude            Enjoy it              Appreciation & Acknowledgment

I clearly see....

I know....

I desire....

I choose....

I am prepared....

Today I am committed to....

This week I am committed to....

This month I am committed to....

This year I am committed to....