Monday, September 02, 2013

Do You Have What You Want?

I enjoy and appreciate what I have.
I easily let go of what I don’t want.
I create what I want with gratitude.
I am responsible for my creations.

Your Job: Give Yourself the Experience You Want to Have.
You lifetime labor is to give yourself the life you want.
It is your holy and healing work!
Stop depending on your family, your partner, your employer or your government.

Do you know what you need to do the work?
Do you understand what it takes to have what you desire?
Do you realize you have what you have allowed or chosen unconsciously?
Are you willing to be responsible for what is your doing?

How to do the work:
Be aware of what you have.
Appreciate what you Value.  (and it will increase.)
Let go of what you don’t want. (and it will not longer distract you or deplete you.)

Notice your attachment for what no longer serves you.
Forgive yourself for clinging to what is not wholly Good and True for you.
Release what is no longer of value with your blessing.
“ I love you and release you to your Highest Good.”

Recognize when you don’t know what you want.
Explore and discover with no judgment or attachment.
Trust yourself to be free and willing to let go when it is clear.
Allow yourself to let go in right timing, without leaving too soon or staying too long.

In every relationship with a person, home, health, job, it is yours to choose what works.
Take responsibility for your choice to judge and get stuck or to forgive and set free.
Forgive and erase your mistakes with gratitude for the learning.
Appreciate the creations and mis-creations that help you learn what you really want.

If you lay in your bed too long, you will weaken and disable yourself.
If you get out of the bed when it is time to awaken, you will gain wisdom and strength.
If you get stuck in trying to fix or change others, you may delay, distract, detour and discourage yourself.
If you focus on right thinking, respectful speaking and responsible action, you will empower yourself.

This life and its hills and valleys are yours to climb.
Nobody else can do it for you. 
You have to do it for yourself.
When you get off the path that works for you, you have taken a wrong turn.

What is your job here?
To be healthy, happy and fulfilled.
To have harmonious and enjoyable relationships.
To do meaningful work.

You can do the work.
Once you learn how to be effective.
Life is fun, safe and easy.
Now is the time to asses what is yours to do.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue