Thursday, September 19, 2013

Create What You Want!

I can achieve whatever I believe with wholehearted willingness to do the work!

Think about what you want.
Talk about what you want.
Care about what you want.
Believe in what you want.
Commit to what you want.
Plan for what you want.
Do what you want.
Appreciate what you want.

Imagine what you really want…….not the form…..but the experience you want to have.
Feel what it will feel like.
Have a sense of what it might be.
See the qualities within your ideal experience.

Talk about what you want in positive terms.
Speak affirmations to believe, accept and appreciate what you want.
“I now have my ideal home and job.”
“I easily create and enjoy the Good Life for me.”

Care about what you want.
Be excited and involved in the creation with lots of energy and movement.
Enjoy every step you take toward achieving what you conceive and believe.
Do the work to make it happen with excellence and gratitude.

Believe in what you want.
Erase and forgive every self doubt, resistance and fear.
Use affirmations and information to clear what seem to be the blocks.
“I now easily release anything that interferes or blocks fulfillment and happiness.”

Commit to what you want.
Everyday in everyway, work on achieving your success and fulfillment.
Practice makes perfect.
Gain knowledge and wisdom, confidence and courage, skill and practice, connection with people.

Plan for what you want.
Prepare for fulfillment by gathering ideas and important information from others.
Begin with where you are rather than pretending you are ready to be your best.
Do what you need to do to be who you want to be and have what you want to have.

Do what you want.  
Take action everyday in accomplishing all the steps you need to take.
When you are committed, you will not allow anything or anyone to stop you,
Energize and encourage yourself with appreciation and affirmations.

Appreciate what you have and what you want.
With full appreciation everything increases.
To judge, criticize, deny and disparage anything drains you and depletes what you have.
The work is to increase the Good with open-mindedness and full appreciation.

Take the steps and you will achieve success.
Believing you can do anything you choose to do.
Betty Lue