Monday, September 30, 2013

Body Images

I love myself as I Am.
I appreciate the life I have.
I enjoy using my body and mind for seeing and creating only Good for All.
I take impeccable care of all of me, body, mind and Spirit, relationships, work and finances 

When I hear about young girls who are overly concerned and hurting themselves because of their body size and shape, So I consulted with my 9 yr. old granddaughters and their friend.  While still young, they are very aware of this issue, plus bullying and how children can be cruel. Some of their messages are below.

There is no right or wrong!
Everyone has their own unique body.
Chubby or skinny, tall or short and just right for you.
We seem to judge people by how we judge their body.

Each body is different from every other body.
Every body is meant to be healthy and happy.
Each body is to be used for communicating Love.
When we use the body to Love, it is healthy and happy.

Every body needs the right food to keep it healthy.
Every body needs the best fuel to keep it energized.
When we use the right fuel, our body stays healthy and happy.
When we use the wrong fuel, our body gets tired and heavy.

Some people feed their body with too much food and drink.
Some people feed their body with too little food or the wrong fuel.
Some people don’t pay attention to what is right for their body.
Some people just give their body whatever they can get easily.

Most bodies need exactly the right food, eaten at the right times for the right reason.
There are many theories, diets, researched info, supplements and cultural norms.
There obviously is no right or wrong except in comparison with those around us.
We are programmed to believe what is best and society keep changing the norm.

Take time to love to appreciate your body for how it serves you in everything you do.
What you appreciate increases in value.
As you value your body and its service to you, you will increase in health and well-being.
As you enjoy your body and the way it functions for you, you will take care of the body better.

As with anything, we need to forgive ourselves for judging.
We hurt ourselves by judging, comparing and evaluating.
We are condemning the gift that is given us to use for Good.
We need to remember to utilize and care for our bodies well.

We, the adults in our culture, need to stop judging body types, sizes and shapes.
We need to see and love the person inside the body.
We must remember bodies are vehicles and communication devices for teaching only Love.
We can then let go of judging and use our bodies wisely and in service of doing Good.

Time to clear up our unnatural eating habits as well.
For each person the needs and habits are different.
We must allow each child to determine what foods, how much and when they eat.
We must respect individual differences so we all do what is “natural” for us.

Conscious Eating encourages us to:
Eat when hungry.
Stop when satisfies.
Eat exactly what we want.
Eat with no distractions. 

Eating is to be enjoyed, but may become an addiction or source of self Love.
Eating is required to live, but can be a way to hurt ourselves.
Eating is no longer identified with enjoyable family time, but often is done with TV or alone.
Eating can be to live or it can become the reward in life.

All in all, let go of trying to become and enjoy who you are.
Undo what is judged about you and seek to find your own Truth.
Trust in the Good within you tather than use the body as excuse or source of pride.
You are far more than your body and what others think of you.

You are a Gift of Love.
Appreciate the Love in You.
I know I do.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Mastering the Art of Conscious Eating
Jeffrey Migdow, M.D., Program Director at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts says, “People who practice conscious eating, notice they’re eating from one-third to one-half less than they used to and feel more satisfied.” He suggests:
1.      As you prepare your meal, pick a time when you won’t be disturbed. Create a beautiful environment, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed.
2.      Put your meal in bowls or plates that are attractive to you.
3.      Before placing food in your mouth, take 2 minutes to breathe and relax.
4.      Be aware of your reasons for eating. Ask yourself, “Why am I eating this food? What do I want to get out of this meal?”
5.      Make sure that you really want this food you have prepared.
6.      Take only two-thirds of the food you think you need.
7.      Take a few deep breaths.
8.      Look at the food, notice the colors and textures.
9.      Decide you will stay as relaxed and conscious as possible.
10.    Slowly bring the food up to your nose and smell its fragrance.
11.    Become aware of all the ingredients that went into the food.
12.    Eat slowly, really tasting the food.
13.    Chew thoroughly.
14.    Put silverware down between bites.
15.    Breathe as you eat. This slows down thought and makes you aware of sensations in your body.
16.    Resolve that after you’re done, you will really relax. If you do this in advance, you’ll be relaxed all the way through the meal.

Principles of Conscious Eating
from “Thin Within”
1.      Eat only when truly hungry
         Ask yourself, “Am I truly hungry or just wanting to eat to take care of some other feeling (like fatigue, disappointment, loneliness, etc)?”
2.      Eat exactly what you want
         No substitutions.  If you want a certain brand of something, go to the store.  A small quantity of exactly what you’re craving works where lots of a substitute still won’t satisfy you.
3.      Eat only what really tastes good
         Take one bite of the desired food in your mouth.  Taste it thoroughly.  If it is perfect and tastes good, eat it with joy.  If not perfect, spit it out (do not swallow) and ask again “What do I really want?”
         P.S.  I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks doing just this.  BL
4.      Eat with no distractions
         No TV, radio, reading, conversation.  Focus solely on the joy and satisfaction of eating.  Sit down and treat yourself to the pleasure of feeding yourself exactly what you want in a relaxed environment.