Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are you Grown Up Yet?

Have we forgotten our morals, values and principles for living a truly Good healthy happy life?
Does anyone want to grow up and succeed in living an exceptional and extraordinary life!

(See the Mind Map below which relates to behaviors not age!)

Are you aware of what is right and what is wrong?
Do you feel the anxiety or guilt inside when you are not in harmony with yourself?
Do you know when you are unsure or conflicted about your choices?
Are you fully at choice or following the crowd?

Adolescents and children explore the world of right and wrong.
Teens are looking for a purpose, a way to grow up and be responsible.
They explore the world looking for guidance and direction.
They may seem not to have a north star, a compass on what will create success.

Can you imagine how adults talk and act, think and feel?
Adults succeed because they learn from every experience.
Adults treat themselves and others with respect.
Adults take responsibility for their actions and inaction.
Adults make rational and logical decisions.
Adults manage their money and time with conscious consideration.
Adults treat others with kindness and understanding.
Adults have a moral compass which guides their behavior.
Adults do not harm themselves or others with drugs or alcohol.
Adults show up to contribute to what is fair and caring for one and all.
Adults give because they want to create a better way for everyone.
Adults live being respectful and responsible, cooperating in harmony with others.
Adults seek to serve, to give for the sake of giving.
Adults keep their agreements and give their best.
Adults apologize and make amends for mistaken or immature behavior.
Adults learn quickly and easily to find what works for all concerned.
Adults live creating a good life because they constantly learn and make better choices.
Adults let wisdom, goodness, faithfulness and trust guide their lives. 
Adults keep goals in mind and direct their lives based on striving for excellence and success.
Adults create their own everyday inspiration, learning, expansion, contribution and appreciation.
Adults are more interested in doing what is Good for  all than getting their own way.
Adults explore possibilities of creating a better world and a better life for all. 

Yes, healthy and functional adults.
Thanks for knowing the difference!
Now are you healthy, happy and successful at preparing a meal, caring for someone who is disabled, comforting a child and changing a diaper?
Are you able to  do your own laundry, write a thank you note for a gift, open the door for someone?
Are you willing to make a contribution to someone in need, pay all your bills on time with gratitude?
Do you consciously keep your house and car clean and well maintained, as well as your  teeth?
Do you make your own appointments and use computer, phone or visits to stay in touch with others?
Do you enjoy all kinds of weather, because nature is essential to the earth and its creatures?
Do you laugh at what is truly funny and step away from what is gossip or prejudiced or hateful?
Do you treat others who don’t know better with respect and teach them with patience and kindness?
Do you handle emotional reactivity (anger, fear hurt and depression) with rational helpfulness?
Do you live your life in ways that you are pleased with yourself?
Do you immediately stop behaviors and habits you know are harmful and poor role models?
Do  you seek to understand and extend peace with forgiveness of your own judgments?
Do you commit to be the responsible and respectful one in all circumstances?

I am encouraging all who are open, willing and ready to be adults .
I want our children and grandchildren to experience a better world with more loving kindness.
I seek only to be a grown up demonstration of all that I know is good for everyone.
Let us Love the Highest Good and Love Everyone with the very best we know.
Betty Lue

The Mind Map—A Model of Behavior and Personality 
The Guerrilla Group, Inc.
The Amoral Phase
·      Birth to age 2
·      Needs are primarily physical (eating, sleeping, crying)
·      Shuts down under stress
·      Best approach = exit and return at another time.

The EGO Phase
·      The “terrible twos”
·      Needs are primarily mental (possessiveness, attention-seeking, control)
·      Cognitive priority = status
·      Competitive—everything is a contest
·      Dishonesty takes the form of self-aggrandizement
·      Distrust salespeople and are afraid of being taken advantage of
·      Sees transactions as a contest they must win
·      Unasked question = “Are you good enough” (to work with me, to be with me, etc.)
Best Approach
·      Ask about achievements and awards.
·      Give them the competitive edge.
·      Demonstrate your leadership.
·      Be assertive without being challenging.

·      Ages four or five to age ten.
·      Needs are primarily psychological.
·      Gets needs met by complying with others.
·      Cognitive priority = acceptance.
·      Want love, approval and understanding.
·      Fiercely loyal to their friends.
·      Hesitant to make decisions for fear of being criticized.
·      Will not reject you openly.
·      Dishonesty takes the form of lies of omission.
·      Unspoken question = “Do you really care about me or are you just being nice to get my business?”
Best Approach
·      Be friendly. Ask about people.
·      Be somewhat assertive.
·      Focus on the relationship.
·      Make specific recommendations.

·      The teen years.
·      Need rules and structure.
·      Gets needs met by following procedures.
·      Cognitive priority = control.
·      More comfortable with numbers than with people.
·      Shy, aloof, impersonal, uncommunicative.
·      Will argue for the fun of it.
·      Automatic dislike and distrust.
·      Judgmental, opinionated.
·      May suffer from paralysis by analysis.
·      Unspoken question = “What are the facts.”
Best Approach
·      Avoid friendly gestures.
·      Appeal to systems, logic and quoted sources.
·      Focus on the facts, statistics, paybacks.

The PRINCIPLE Phase (LESS THAT 5%OF SOCIETY function at this level or higher!)
·      Age thirty-something.
·      Shift from rational to intuitive.
·      Gets needs met by following correct principles.
Best Approach
·      Open communication.
·      Show you’re fair-care-share.
·      Focus on collaboration and problem-solving.

·      Usually late in life.
·      Applies principles responsibly.
Best Approach
·      Social, ethical and environmental responsibility.
·      Stress benefits to the community at large.

·      You at your highest potential.
·      Consistently live by correct principles.

The Mind Map--Summary
The Guerrilla Group, Inc.
The Inner Brain: The Primitive Reactionary Mind
 The Amoral Phase of infants and certain adults who act without any morality; those who simply shut down and go away when things get rough.  Best Sales Approach = reschedule and exit.

The Left Brain: The Logical Linear Mind
 The Ego Phase of children and many adults who see themselves as the center of the universe; self-centered adults who are in endless cycles of fighting and making up. Best Sales Approach = show that you’re tops.

 The Pleaser Phase of youngsters and some adults who survive by pleasing others, by being nice and doing good. This maturity allows Pleasers to manipulate others to get their needs met. Best Sales Approach = friendly, assertive.

 The Authority Phase of teens and many adults who come to respect rules and agreements to govern their lives. On the down side, these people become excessively duty bound in their urge to do things right. Best Sales Approach = quote facts & logic.

The Right Brain: The Creative Intuitive Mind
 The Principle Phase is found in mature people who know that life works to the extent that they follow principles such as being fair with everyone, really caring for others and doing more than a fair share of the task. Best Sales Approach = show you’re fair-care-share.

 The Responsible Phase of mature people who know that they are the cause and the source of everything that comes into their lives. They take full responsibility for the situations in which they find themselves. Best Sales Approach = stress group benefits.

 The Universal Phase of maturity is expressed by those who constantly reach their highest potential by living a principled life, balancing the right and left minds. This is the phase of one who always finds peace and success, freedom, empowerment and ecstasy. Best Sales Approach = just relax and tell your story.