Friday, September 20, 2013


I set myself free to be all I am meant to be.
I release limiting habits and addictions.
I claim my right to be happy, free and unlimited.
I choose only what is truly best for me.

How do your addictions effect you?

I am not an expert on addiction.
I think my only addiction is doing Good.
I seem to thrive on service for Goodness sake, always the Highest Good I know.
I feel happy, free and unlimited, when I am writing, counseling, coaching, creating and visioning.

What is your addiction?
Are you addicted to worry, alcohol, prescription pills, food, shopping, exercise, porn, video games?
People often seek to change their state of mind with some form of addiction.
You may find yourself wishing you could get free of feeling and thinking the way you do.

Have you ever evaluated if you are getting what you really want from what you do and over do?
Do you do something more and more and get less and less pleasure, relief and satisfaction
Are you stuck with trying to be happy, free and unlimited by doing something that doesn’t work?
Have you reached the point of dissatisfaction  and pain, where you are ready to make a change?

I observe people seek to get out of pain. But then go right back in again!
I notice often people settle for what they get but never go for what they want.
I see folks wanting freedom, happiness and success, but resistance to do the work.
I hear the excuses and justifications for quitting on themselves and their choices.

Addictions cover grief, anger, fear, resentment, guilt and the pain of quitting.
Addictions are our separation from our Authentic Self and living our life our way.
Addictions are the place where people bury their anguish at not being true to themselves.
Addictions are a convenient excuse, a numbing agent, a temporary distraction.

Have you considered putting all the time, energy and money spent on addictions into fulfillment?
Have you ever looked at why you have the habit of quitting, getting stuck, hating your life?
Have you ever considered what you could do with the Good that lies inside you?
Have you thought about what life could be if you set yourself free to be and do and have all you are?

I have often envisioned and worked, created and offered opportunities for freedom and happiness.
And some still are willing to settle for less than their best and often the worst they could have.
Some reward themselves on the smallest gain with returning to the pain of addiction again.
Some simply cook to death in the insanity of their lives, never claiming their inheritance.

And for those who cover for those who are stuck, consider getting out of their muck.
We must be free and unlimited to show the way, by getting unstuck ourselves.
Live free of guilt and pain, resentment and grief.
Give yourself the opportunity to live with relief.

Let go and let God.
Be a true friend.
Stop believing in what “cannot” be.
Start by living happy and free.

Loving you and loving me.
Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we quit on Love.
Love is letting go of fear.
Love is releasing the past.
Love is living at peace.
Love is forgiving ourselves.
Love is relinquishing attack.
Love is trusting in Goodness within.
Love is freedom and trust.  

Educate yourself with reading, AA meetings, listening to those who know the way.
Education leads us out of darkness and into the light.
First it can scare you or be painful to your sight.
But when you see the way, you are free to choose.