Friday, August 23, 2013

What To Do

Useful Affirmations:
I no longer complain or tell discouraging stories. 
I choose to always and only share what is positive, creative and inspiring.
I use words wisely to create exactly what I want or something better.
I immediately erase, delete, forgive and release all that is not good for me.

Dear Betty Lue, “What do I do?
Life is not what I want it to be.
It seems unhappiness is my reality.
How do I create a life that is really good and true?
I want to live and give what is good for me.”

To All of us: 
“The most simple response is:
Every negative thought creates. (Just as much as every positive thought creates.)
When we express anything negative, it creates what we express.
When we are as powerful and strong in our expressions as we truly are, every word will manifest quickly and strongly.”

The choice is to live with what our words say is true……..
Or choose to speak what we want to be true. ( Positive Affirmations about everything.)
It is essential that we stop talking about what seems to be our reality.
Use our thoughts, words and behavior to create a new reality.

It seems difficult as long as we say and think it is “hard”.
It seems impossible, when we believe it is.
It seems like our fate, when we believe in fate.
But when we contemplate living in the now, everything is open, possible and easy.

A change of mind changes our words.
A change of words changes our feelings.
A change of feelings changes our behavior.
A change of words, feelings and behavior changes our lives.

This is a totally inside job.
No one can do it for us.
Life will relentlessly give us what we believe and say is true. 
We must undo any and all thinking, speaking and behaving in negative self defeating ways.

I love you and believe you can do what seems to be endless work.
And it is.  For you are clearing the negatives of humanity for all time.
It is only through eliminating all negatives that we achieve what is beautiful, good and whole for all..

Betty Lue

The power of our thoughts and words is clear.
Whether or not we take responsibility for our creations is dubious.
When we are willing to be responsible, we begin to realize that our negatives cancel positives.
Our past stories create the same stories in our future.
Our focus on fear and doubt can neutralize the power of love and certainty.
We are here to clean up every mess, as we confess our errors to ourselves and others.
Everything outside is a product of what is inside.
We need to create only goodness, beauty and wholeness with our thoughts, words and deeds.

We are learning together how to do better.
Bless us all everyone, Betty Lue 

Better Living Classes are offered in Pleasant Hill and Hidden Valley Lake.
Every class is recorded and available on line, if you choose to participate!
Let me know and you will be added to the email list when classes are posted.
You will also receive the handouts for the class.. 
You are invited to contribute as expressions of your gratitude. (With no obligation!)
We are dedicated to facilitate everyone seeking to find a better way to live a Good Life!

Whole and Happy and Free.
This is how we are created to be!
Choose to create your whole life differently.
You’ll be delighted at how Good Life can be!

Betty Lue