Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wakeup Calls for You!

I am awake and aware.
I easily undo everything that is not true.
I forgive everything and everyone including myself.
I allow my inner Spirit to guide me to Truth and Love.

Every upset, disturbance, irritation is a wakeup call.
Every time we are minding someone else’s business, it pertains to us.
When we want to give advice, step in, change something, it is our own teaching and reminder.
We must learn to listen to and respond kindly to all wakeup calls.

The learned tendency is to try to interfere over there.
We seem to want to change, fix or correct others.
We often try to make others do it our way.
We delay, distract and disassociate from our own needs.

Successful living requires that we learn.
Life invites us to forgive our fears.
Life gives us obvious signals to pay attention.
Life shows us where we have our own work to do.

When we do not pay attention, the alarms become stronger.
When we go back to sleep, the snooze alarm will sound.
Whispers turn to nudges turn to slaps and turn to sledge hammers.
When we ignore what is right in front of us, we face consequences.

it is easy to wake up when you want to.
It is fun to wake up when you are motivated.
It is safe to wake up when you know what to do.
It is fun, safe and easy to learn to let go and live the Good Life for you.

When you judge, you are judging something in you.
It may we where you have been or what you want to be.
Your judgments may be about the lessons you need to learn.
Your upsets may be your fear or lack of forgiveness for what you have experienced.

When we want to fix, advise or change others, we need to receive our own message.
When we try to make others listen, we believe we know what is best for them.
When we make others wrong and ourselves right, we are attacking their choices.
When we spend out thoughts, words and behavior correcting another, we are mistaken.

Waking up is letting go of fantasies, fairy tales and learned emotional drama.
Waking up is dropping or adolescent and childish attitudes, habits and behaviors.
Waking up is learning to think, speak and act as a mature, principle-centered adult.
Waking up is living our life as a successful, productive, happy and healthy being.

When we notice what upsets us, we can step back and ask ourselves what needs to be healed in us.
When we are afraid for another, we can offer our help and wait for their desire for help.
When we are feeling sorry for someone, we can ask what we would want in their situation.
When we are condemning another, we can forgive our judgments and learn to be forgiving and kind.

Don’t let life’s difficulties fool you!
Everything is a blessing or a lesson.
Everything is a wakeup call to reveal and heal, where we are stuck.
Everything is a gift of awareness to be forgiven, seen differently and/or responded to with Love.

Blessings abound in this life we have.
We cannot get out of here without healing from inside out!

Loving you and all, 
Betty Lue