Thursday, July 18, 2013

They Don’t Understand

No one can truly understand what it is like to be you.
No one can know what you have learned or gone through.
No one will care as much or more than you do.
No one will try harder than you try to be true.

What they think or know or care about it theirs….not yours.
“What others think about you is none of your business.” TCW
When you are caught in trying to get them to understand or agree, you will be frustrated.
When you try to tell them how you think and feel, they may feel judged, attacked and misunderstood.

Unless people ask for help or clarification or  discussion, leave it alone.
Let people be where they want to be, stuck or free, ignorant or enlightened.
It is not up to us to judge people wrong, or fix their flaws or see them as less than.
It is our Love that will heal and reveal, forgive and let live, that opens all minds, including ours.

Forgive yourself for expecting or demanding more or different from others.
If they knew better, they would do better.
Everyone is doing the best they know.

Are you educating and inspiring or expecting and criticizing?
Are you demonstrating your faith or demanding others have faith?
Are you living with love or criticizing with resentment?

There is much work to do within me and you.
Where we begin is to set ourselves free with forgiveness.
Erase the insane angry and ugly thoughts.
And live in love and peace and joy.
We cannot change or teach or heal our world with blame, resentment and demand.

Does anyone ever really know another?
Can we honestly give advice or believe we can fix someone else?
Are we able to accept all differences with acceptance?
Can we truly forgive our judgments, expectations and need for others to be what we want?

Life is a unique and individualized journey.
Each one walks their own way and pace and purpose.
We may follow in others footsteps, but still have our own thoughts and feelings, experiences and beliefs.
When we forgive our comparisons, judgments and explanations, we can focus on the blessings and lessons of our own travels through life.

With forgiveness of ourselves and others, we live in peace,
With letting go and letting good happen, we give with Love.
With release and gratitude for all that is, we speak with joy.
And so it is , we can freely and fully be.

Loving each and everyone everywhere, even those I do not understand.
Because Love Is Who I AM.
Betty Lue

May all Beings walk in Beauty.
May all Beings live with Grace.
May all Beings share their Wisdom.
May all Beings give with Faith.

May all Beings hear their message.
May all Being teach with respect.
May all Beings learn their teaching.
May all Beings forgive to resurrect.

May we all remember our own Heart Song.
May we all remember to be true.
May we all remember to give with humility.
May we all remember You are Me and I Am You.

Betty Lue, February 13,  2013