Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Excuses and No Complaints

Life works for me, when I do the work to create my life.
I am free to choose and fully responsible for my life.
I know what I want and I go for it.
I can have the life I want by being the person I love, trust and respect.

When you justify not having, you may get stuck in not having.
When you give endless excuses for not being happy, you will likely stay unhappy.
When you complain about what you didn’t get, it is unlikely you will create it now.
When you regret the past and fear the future, it is likely you will continue this pattern.

Give up the mental blocks and self sabotage.
Undo the meaningless beliefs you have created to keep you stuck.
Let go of limiting thinking and choose for a better way.
Relinquish attacks on people, places and past experiences and choose again.

Excuses and lengthy justifications only help you believe you are a victim.
Thinking and speaking about yourself, as though you are not responsible, disables you .
Believing that others make you life be what it is lets you off the hook.
Take full responsibility and reclaim your own life.

Complaining is the habit of blaming what you have decided you deserve.
Whining about what didn’t happen or you cannot have is depleting and defeating.
Children complain, blame and act out until they get what they want.
Mature adults take responsibility for their choices, forgive mistakes and choose again.

Complaining is draining. 
Blaming is hurtful.
Whining is childish.
Acting out is foolish.

If you are still engaged in any of this behavior, it is time to grow up!
If you find yourself unconsciously playing victim, it is time to take charge of your life.
If you become aware that you use playing weak, helpless, needy to get your way, stop.
If you know you are behaving like a child or drama queen,  step away, breathe and choose again.

Yes, you can choose again.  
You can be responsible.
You can forgive your past.
You can begin to have the life you really want.

If you leave your life up to others, you will have what others have.
If you let others control your choices, you will relinquish your own dreams and desires.
If you take full responsibility for your thoughts, words, decisions and actions, you will learn.
If you observe what no longer really works for you, let it go and seek to find a better way.

Getting clear of limiting thoughts and negative emotions is key.
Having a clear and focused mind allows you to choose wisely.
I want…..   I am willing………
When you are willing to have what you want, you will do what you need to do to create it.

It is time to create the life you want with self love and respect plus inner happiness and freedom of choice.
Betty Lue