Sunday, July 21, 2013

Give All to All

I naturally share the Good in me with all I see.
All I give with joy is returned to me in abundance.
I am creating an abundant world with abundant thoughts, words and deeds.
I am a rich woman in a rich world of Goodness, Beauty and Love.
I share what is real and eternal, the riches of Joy and Gratitude and Peace.

Love everyone equally.
Always give your best.
Giving is Receiving.
Generosity comes from fullness within.

When we feel abundant with Love, it is easy to love others.
When we feel full of joy, we naturally extend our Joy.
When we experience the fullness of Spirit, we are inspired to give All.
To have All, give All to All.

Can you imagine what the world would be if we all shared our best effortlessly?
Can you begin to realize the gifts that flow when we let go of our belief in limitation?
Is it possible that our own fear  and limiting beliefs are preventing the abundance we seek?
When we give all to all, we experience receiving the all we are giving.

It really is in giving that we receive.
It really is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
It really is in loving that we are loved.
Everything we outflow is returned to us.

Consider that you have an infinite supply within you.
Consider that when you limit the flow within, you cannot see the limitlessness.
Consider that when you are needy, you block the flow from within and without.
Consider that when you fail to share what you have received, you fail to receive what is there for you.

When we know and withhold what we know, we have less we know.
When we create and withhold our creations, our flow of creativity is lessened.
When we love and withhold our loving, we feel less loved.
When we are happy and deny our happiness, we diminish the Joy we know.

Many have been taught to be careful about who you give to and how much you share.
Many have measured the relative deserving about who and how we share.
Many have attached money and exchange to the freedom of giving.
“What did you get in return?”

There is enough for everyone.
There is an unlimited supply of Goodness, Beauty and Love.
We have only to open the flow to fully know the Abundance that is ours.
We can relinquish withholding Good with forgiveness now.

I am willing to give all I have, all I Am, and All I do for the joy of giving my whole Self.
I am open to demonstrate that there is enough for all to share and care and dare to give All.
I know it is in giving that I receive.
I know what I have is a gift to be given.

Why not now?
Why not you?
Why not All?
True giving fills me up and never depletes all I have!

“As long as you relate to the Source, You will be prosperous.”
“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.” II Corinthians 9:8

Loving you in Loving you and me and all you see, 
Betty Lue
We have lots of fun with garden, grandkids and simply enjoying life with family, friends, clients and students.  
Usually we have silence for the first 3-4  hours daily.  Life is very very good .  
Fun, safe and easy, when guided by Spirit within.  Blessings Abound! 
Here to inspire and educate, create and celebrate! Betty Lue