Saturday, July 06, 2013

Free to Choose: Money or Love?

We are free to choose what leads our life.
We are free to choose what we value.
We are free to choose what we serve.
We are free to choose how we live.

When we conform to the world, it may not work well for us.
When we follow our parents, we may be dissatisfied.
When we live someone else’s dream, we may not succeed.
When living out of integrity with our real truths, we may be emotionally and physically unhealthy.

There are people and places and projects that support us.
There are events and ideas and values that distract and disturb us.
There are worldly necessities that can overwhelm and discourage us.
There are ideals and inspiration and values that can guide us to happiness, health and fulfillment.

The most often heard excuse for people not living their calling, mission and purpose is money.
The need for money, the desire for money, the attraction of money and belief in money.
When money becomes the goal, the real value of money is forgotten.
Money can be the reward or dessert or it can be the tool to provide support.

How we see and use money makes the difference.
Choose for love or for money.
Choose for enjoyment or financial security.
Choose for contribution or for acquisition.

What is your need for money?
Did you learn money comes first?
Are you serving the need for money?
Do you believe money is essential for living well and doing Good?

What we believe we see and live and value.
When we need to have more money, that need controls our choices.
When we need to have more joy, then Happiness guides our decisions.
When we need to contribute more, then we see ways to be helpful.

What does money give you?
How does that support your happiness and health?
What does money require of you?
How does that detract from your happiness and health?
Is there a balance or a way of handling money as simply routine, like putting away the groceries?

What we fear or avoid or need often takes over our thoughts and feeling and behavior?
Dependency or resistance yields more of the same to forgive, heal or see differently.
Are you secure and trusting and at peace with your safety, health and happiness?
What we trust and appreciate becomes a natural flowing in everyday life.
When we take impeccable care of our health, relationships and financial security, we are at peace.
When we are responsible for what we have and what we give, we feel grateful and content.
When we honor what we receive with conscious stewardship of our energies, we are happy.
When we are happy, grateful, content and at peace, our lives flow easily for the Good of All.

Life works when we do the work.
When we let go and trust, the flow of all Good opens.
When we respect what is ours to use, we have plenty.
When we know how to use all our resources for the Good of all, we have all we need.

Below is a small piece of what Robert and I share in our Financial Freedom Workshop.
They are created to assist people in making conscious choices, based on what they believe.
Remember your job is to let everything work for you.  You are the boss and the chooser.
Choose wisely and you will always win…..even when it looks like you lose.
Loving you in taking responsibility for your whole life and for your money.
Betty Lue

Money Reminders  
We have many more effective success and money info for those who are sincere in changing the way they may waste or misuse the good they already have.
Some tips that have worked for us:
We have learned through much trial and error in our lives what work! 
Look for what works for you!.) 
***The person who has the most interest, energy and fun gets the job of financial wizard.
***Pay yourself first. Tithe to the source of your Good (you and your inner peace and joy).  
~Set aside money before paying bills that goes in an account. (We called ours the Freedom Fund in the early days.) In other words, we save first. Then we pay our very minimal bills.
We invest in ourselves and not in a business or home.
~Cut back on expenses so that there is excess money for giving and saving.
~We tithe in time and energy as well as money.  Right now we live on less than 50% of our income.
***It is never too late to begin again.  We just began from zero in 2004.
***Every bit of surprise income and extra income goes in the savings pot.
***With every on-going expenditure or investment, ask yourself regularly: 
Knowing what I know now, would I begin this or get involved in this, brand new, right now?”
If the answer is “No”, then get out, regardless of how much time, energy or money has already been invested or what your prior agreements or commitments may have been. The “trap of prior economic investment” can keep you involved in something way beyond its usefulness and into a time when that something drains your energy and resources meant to be directed elsewhere. 
It is better to get out “at a loss” than have any endeavor sink the whole ship.
***Know exactly how much money you need to pay expenses in every single week of each month. 
This should be written down and checked off as it is paid. That way you also know how much income you need on or before the 1st week, 2nd week, etc of each month. You should also write down when your “predictable” income comes in so you can count on that. Then let your consciousness and affirmation attract what is needed for the balance. (Note: you also need to know which week or weeks you will make deposits to your savings or Freedom Fund, and how much.)
***For a period of 3 months, track very precisely every penny of income and expense. 
This increases your awareness and your level of responsibility. We use Quicken because it is cheap, easy to set up and easy to use—about 5 minutes a day. 
***Get receipts for everything and record daily. It’s a habit and will pay off greatly. 
You will quickly notice where money “slips through the cracks” and where you are spending money which might be more important for you to save. 
***Every time you cut expenses, add that money to the amount you are saving. 
***Track / graph your savings balance as well. 
No matter that it starts slowly. It’s the momentum that builds over time.
***Save in an account that is separate from, and harder for you to access than, your regular bank account. 
We use ING on line. It is easy. You can transfer funds directly from your bank (and to your bank, should you ever need access). It is safe. It is one step away from normal, everyday access.