Friday, July 05, 2013

Excellence Requires Work

I always do my very best.
I let go of pushing and punishing myself.
I trust everything always works more exquisitely than I can plan.
I appreciate my wilingness to constantly learn and improve my whole self.

We do not achieve by magic.
We do not earn by being entitled.
We do not acquire our education, job, home, car, vacations, savings and retirement by wishing.
We do not achieve health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment on credit or lotteries or handouts.

Excellence requires work: study and practice, making mistakes and learning, striving for the best.
Excellence in relationships requires listening and patience, acceptance and trust.
Excellence in finances requires earning and saving, budgets, clear goals and responsible spending.
Excellence in everything asks that we do the work required to give our best to achieve the best.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
Having what we want requires giving all we have.
Being our best means giving our best all the time with no time off.
Being successful requires us to stay true to our goals 100% with no breaks to squander or splurge.

Mature adults know their goals and priorities: they have a working plan.
Adolescent adults often do whatever they want.
Mature adults pay for their basic responsibilities and save the rest.
Adolescents may count on others to bail them out or win the lottery or use credit.

Being entitled to have what you want is learned from having requests met by parents and others.
Entitlement comes from watching parents splurge on themselves without regard for consequences.
Our adolescent culture seems to feel it deserves to have, rather than work for every penny.
Earning what you have may seem foreign or difficult and unfair to adolescents and adults.

Complaining about what you don’t have is a waste of energy.
Get a job or a second job.
Pay your bills on time and save the rest.
Cut down on all expenses: live simply.

Do the work needed to achieve excellence.
Work hard and appreciate what you receive.
Parents teach best by their example.
Demonstrate excellence in communication, work, finances, parenting,  relationships, health and happiness.

If you are working hard and getting results, appreciate yourself.
If you are lazy and wishing for better results, start working hard.
Get more education and inspiration through books, internet, observation and practice.
Encourage yourself by showing yourself the results you want to achieve.

If you don’t know how to save money, lose weigh, get healthy, save a marriage, better parenting, etc., find an expert who actually is doing what you want to learn to do.
Observe and make notes. Do more of what works and stop doing what doesn’t work.
Learn from your mistakes and take notes. 
Have a positive attitude and set achievable and measureable goals.

You can achieve excellence with clear focus, direction willingness and consistent work.
Never quit on yourself and you will be all you want to be and do and have.
Believing in you and me and our never-ending and constant improvement.
Betty Lue