Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do Your Spiritual Work!

I do everything I do with Love.
I know we are the same in Truth.
I enjoy and appreciate the unique parts we play.
I trust, respect and Love you, as I trust respect and Love me.

Do Your Spiritual Work! 
And you will know Great Joy!!!

In 1976, a teacher (everyone is our teacher) suggested I sit 5 minutes a day and “do nothing”.
As a single Mom and Midwestern girl, this idea was foreign, but I followed his idea.
On the first sit, I had a clear and beautiful vision of a Home of Infinite Love to open for all.
On the second sit, I heard, felt, received words which I wrote down.

Being totally naïve about all such spiritual matters, like meditation and channeling, I was inspired.
From that time til now I sit and listen everyday, and it continues to provide adventure and surprises.
When I listen and follow I experience peace and joy….a fun, safe and easy flowing life.
When I do not listen and follow for all decisions and guidance, life can be bumpy, difficult and uncertain.

My intention since childhood has been the call to serve what is Good for all.
I cannot remember a time when service for peace and happiness, love and inclusion was not my desire.
My family all have been lifelong volunteer and contributors to the cause of serving humanity.
I have always felt connected to doing Good for others and sharing love with everyone.

These Loving Reminders are one such gift of service.
Everyday I sit and write and share with those who request receipt.
It is a call, a vocation, a service and a place of fulfillment for me.
Many are compiled into books, Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders, Relationship Reminders and within the later part of 2013 Healing Reminders, Family Reminders, Pocketbook of Affirmations.

Robert and I are working to complete the editing and publishing the later three and reformatting for republishing the first three books for Amazon.
Our three centers in Brentwood, Pleasant Hill and Hidden Valley Lake, California all serve.
Our focus is holistic health or healing mind, body and Spirit to inspire people to live their truth.
We dedicate these centers to serving individuals, couples, families, groups and holistic practitioners and spiritual teachers.  
Our retreat Hermitage in Hidden Valley Lake, is available for those individuals and families and groups that want a quiet, beautiful and happy place to heal and renew. The Hermitage is across the road from our home in Hidden Valley Lake, where we provide counseling, healing, inspiration and personal growth consultations and retreats.  This week we are are a congress for spiritual leaders in New thought in Phoenix,AZ

Each day we remember who and what we serve. We Serve Good for You and All.
Every thought, word and action we take is given to serve the family of humanity.
As we take impeccable care of our own individual, relationship, family and community, we are serving.
As we contribute to one or many, we realize we are serving all.

Consider the possibility that you truly are a minister, a light worker, a teacher for everyone.
Give your best and you receive the best.
Give the highest truths you know and you receive the highest inspiration.
Honor everyone you encounter with respect and loving kindness and you create more peace.

Remember your life is for giving.
It is in giving your whole self, your gifts, talents and resources, that you realize the Great Gift You Truly Are.
Our family needs you.
When you realize you are integral to the abundance, wholeness and Good of All, you will be grateful.

Loving you all ways and always,
Your reminder,
Betty Lue