Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Runs Your Life?

I know what I want and I go for it!
I love the choices I make.
Making mistakes is a great learning experience.
I easily forgive all mistakes and learn what works.
Letting go and moving on is fun, safe and easy.

Do your worries and fears control your life?
Do you parents or partner make your choices?
Does the government or laws run your life?
Do your emotions or body limitations limit you?

When you look at your life honestly, what do you see?
Who is telling you what to do with your life?
What beliefs are making your decisions for you?
What do you use as an excuse for not being happy?

Are you free?
Are you responsible?
Are you willing to make decisions that are Good for you?
Do you believe you can be whole and happy and free?

When we give up on ourselves, we will feel depressed.
When we give others’ control, we feel restricted.
When we make excuses because we are afraid, we feel stuck.
When we try, but sabotage or quit on ourselves, we feel like failures.

Life is an adventure, learning laboratory and testing ground.
Life offers opportunities for greatness or failure.
Life is filled with chances to explore and discover.
Life is the choice between hope and despair.

Your life is yours. 
You are in control of what you believe.
You are in charge of everything your choose.  (even your choice to not choose.)
You are the captain, navigator, and crew of your own destiny.

You are fooling yourself if you have abdicated power.
You are playing dumb or lazy if you give others the blame or credit.
You are hiding behind your own fears, if you make someone else responsible.
You are the decision-maker and the recipient of your own decisions.

Decide to be responsible.
Choose to be accountable.
Declare you are the chooser.
Live your life everyday with the best you know.

Stay awake to your own experiences.
Credit yourself for the decisions that work.
Forgive the decisions that don’t work.
Relinquish all need to blame, judge, condemn, because it gets you stuck in the same mistake!

Enjoy the freedom of being responsible for everything in your life.
After all, it is your life and you are free to choose as you like!!
Betty Lue