Saturday, June 22, 2013

What Gives You Energy?

I only choose what is best for me.
I easily release that which is unhealthy, draining or no longer works.
I support myself with healthy people, places and activities.
I now choose to give and receive only what is truly Good.
I nurture and nourish myself with all Good and only Good.

What feeds you or depletes you depends on what you choose.

You can give your energy away to fear and worry, blame and guilt.
You can give your energy away to neediness and complaints, to defensiveness and justification.
You can feed your self energy with affirmation and appreciation.
You feed yourself with energy from education and inspiration.

We are in charge of depleting our life force or nourishing our life energy.
We are able to change our thoughts, change our words and our responses.
We are able to unlearn bad habits and learn good habits.
We are able to change our relationships, our jobs and our environments.

We human beings can literally change everything in our lives.
So why don’t we simply change the “bad” stuff into “good” stuff.
Why do so many people simply “put up” with the stuff that hurts, drains and kills them?
Why not just find and choose a better way to live?

Some are addicted and attached to the old familiar and comfortable ways.
Some value whatever they have more than what they may prefer.
Some have loyalty to the people and places in which they have invested.
Some simply are too ignorant, lazy or fearful to know or do anything different?

Are you stuck with old habits?
Are you comfortable with what you live with now?
Do you believe this is better than what might lie ahead?
Can you imagine you could have a better life?

When you know you are Good, you give and receive only Good.
When you know you are Abundant, you give and receive Abundantly.
When you know you are loved, you give and receive only Love.
When you know you are Free, you live in freedom and trust.

Life works when we know it works.
Life is forgiving, when we know we are forgiven.
Life is an amazing miracle of Love and Joy, when we are that miracle of Love and Joy.
Life is easily healed and only Good is revealed, when we remember the Truth.

Sometimes people are so caught in blaming on someone or something, they cannot see Truth.
Sometimes people are so busy protecting themselves from harm, that they get stuck in fear.
Sometimes people are so full of their needs and complaints that they block the flow of Good.
Sometimes people are so focused on fixing what is broken that they neglect what is whole.

Our focus expands what we feed with our intention.
Our energy is our fuel to be used to feed the Good.
Our life is our gift to be given to create a goodness, wholeness and beauty.
Our natural state Love, Joy, Abundance and Vitality.

Let us live and love, give and receive the Highest Truths we know.
Betty Lue