Thursday, June 06, 2013

Trust…..Let Go of Control

I forgive the past and trust in the power and Presence of Goodness and Love now.
I release and let go of you: I let Spirit run your life.
I choose for love……freedom and trust for us all.
I release you and all to our highest Good.
I affirm life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for one and all.

This life is yours to create and enjoy or destroy and hate.
Others have their own lives to create or destroy, love or to hate.
When we have our lives in peace, order and harmony, others may learn from us.
We are in a state of Love, we trust and free ourselves and others.

The need to control comes from what we fear might happen, because we have not forgiven the past.
The need to control originates from fearing a mistake and distrusting ourselves and others.
The need to control is modeled by parents who “love” and authorities who “know”.
Yet, how can we know what is best and right and true for another?

Each one has their life to live.
When I am doing my best, I trust others are doing their best as well.
When I stop trying to save others, I realize I must only save myself.
When I trust life works together for Good, I relinquish control and let go.

Love is letting go of fear.
Control is being afraid.
When we cannot trust anyone, we are called to forgive our fear.
When we cannot let go, we are invited to clear our anger, guilt, resentment and despair with forgiveness.

“What can I do?” has always been to see and seek what is true.
What can I do?” is the call to listen within to what is “right” for me and for you.
“What can I do?” is a tenuous game, because the answer is never the same.
“What can I do?” cannot be answered, because I don’t know what is true for both me and you and All.

And I can never see the bigger picture, because I only see what I want to see.
I can only know when I let go of the emotions that distort my perception.
I can only let go of what I am willing to let go and step into the unknown of “I do not know.”
I can only go into the unknown with trust, when I have faith there is a Higher Purpose I cannot know.

And so, let’s let go of control and listen within for the Higher Power.
Let us stop trying to “make” ourselves right and allow what is “right” to unfold.
Let us forgive our fear and trust Love is here.
Let’s let go and undo what we do not know and try to make so.

Perhaps everything works together for Good.
Perhaps everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.
Perhaps we can trust in a Goodness that lives and has its Being in us all.
Perhaps what we can do that really helps is to envision and trust in the Highest and best outcome.

And when we need to “interfere” because we are in fear, we need to heal our fear.
And when we need to control what we imagine might be, we need to know we are creating what we fear.
And when we need to heal our fear and see things differently, our work is within not in others.
And when we know we need to heal, we are called to forgive every mistake, judgment and misperception.

We cannot control what is outside, but we can change our minds.
We cannot make others do and be what is their destiny, but we can relinquish our fear.
We cannot change our world to be the way we want it to be, but we can forgive all we see and choose love.
We cannot save everyone and everything we see wrong, but we can make our thoughts “right”.

Loving us all in living in trust,
Betty Lue
¤      I love you      ¤
and I know you love me too.

The freedom for you and I to be who we are.
The freedom to live life as we do.
The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.
The freedom to express our own truth as we see it.

The trust that there is a constant flow of love, 
no matter what.
The trust that, in spite of life’s problems, 
we believe in and support each other’s right 
to live as we choose.
The trust that in adversity, 
there is healing and learning and gifts of love.
The trust that under conflict and emotional expression,
there is love

I love you and I trust you.
I free you to be all you are.

Betty Lue 1978