Friday, June 21, 2013

Thoughts Create

Affirmations for you:
I choose to be truly helpful.
I choose thoughts and words that help and heal.
I forgive and erase all negative habits of guilt and fear.
I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.
My mind automatically erase everything that is not wholly true and loving.

What we believe, we see,
What we think, we manifest.
What we make up, is our reality.
What we focus on, increases in our awareness.

Can you imagine that your thoughts have power?
Do you know that your words create your experience?
Do you understand that your emotions can heal or hurt?
Do you see that your beliefs come true right in front of you?

Are you in control of what you believe and think and say and do?
Do you know that you are in charge of your life, your world, your emotions?
Are you aware that the world is not controlling your life unless you allow it?
Do you get that you can undo what is not true and allow only good to happen to you?

Are you willing to look and erase what you don’t want to see and be?
Are you open to the possibility that you can choose how you live your life?
Are you capable of changing your mind and attitude, your behavior and habits/
Are you ready to become the happy, healthy, creative and successful you? 

Being responsible is not welcome to those who find comfort in being needy.
Being responsible is not a positive for those who have invested in a life of victimization.
Being responsible is not freedom from suffering and pain for those who find solace in depression.
Being responsible is not familiar or easy for those who have learned to be dependent and resentful.

Being able and willing to respond to what is with love is healing.
Being able and willing to make changes is freedom .
Being able and willing to undo what no longer serves is expansive.
Being able and willing to choose consciously is transformative.

When we know we can change all things for Good, we open to learn new ways.
When we know we have the power to undo unconscious behavior, we  are willing to forgive.
When we realize we are in charge of the Good in our lives, we stop the hurtful stuff.
When we cease blaming anyone, including ourselves, we are excited to develop new habits of mind.

We can believe in victimization, restriction and fear, and experience more of the same everyday.
We can believe in sovereignty, freedom and trust and experience more of the same.
We can believe in disaster, disease, and depression and experience these in our world.
We can believe in beauty, wholeness and happiness and experience these in ourselves.

We are choosing the reality we live in and the relationships we have.
We are choosing our thoughts (imagination), words (communication), and behavior (kindness or blame).
We are choosing how we respond to everything and everyone.
We are responsible and able to respond to what seems to be creating it real or undoing its reality.

How you respond determines how long it lasts.
How you respond either sustains or disappears it.
How you respond gives it power to hurt or heal.
How you respond lifts you up or puts you down.

Choose always and only for Good.
Believing in the power in you, 
Betty Lue

There Is No Medicine

There is not a medicine, herb, ointment or potion that can compare to the power of love and forgiveness for healing the body, emotions, mind and soul.  

Love and forgiveness must be present before true healing can occur.  By consciously choosing love and forgiveness,  we can free ourselves of the blockages commonly known as pain and dis-ease.  

Forgiveness opens the door for love to enter.  When you choose to forgive yourself, you naturally let go of guilt.  You are then free to love yourself and life more fully.  When you find it in your heart to forgive another person, you will naturally let go of resentment and anger.  You are then free to love that person more fully, and will experience greater harmony in all of your relationships.  

This is the basic formula necessary for healing ourselves on an individual level and for healing our world on a global level.                    
                                                          Neil S. Cohen