Sunday, June 02, 2013

Rise Up or Sink Down?

I quickly release negativity, judgment and doubt.
I align my thoughts and words with the Highest Good.
I keep my most inspiring visions before me.
I trust in God and Good in all things. 

Rise up or fall down?
Be strong or be weak?
Overcome or succumb?
Win or lose?

Do you look up or look down?
Do you smile or do you frown?
Do you seek to know or stay ignorant?
Do you grow or just exist?

Without Vision, we cannot see where we are going.
Without Hope, we do not believe we can get there.
Without Freedom, we cannot easily move around the obstacles.
Without Trust, we will not stay on our path to fulfillment.

What will it take for us to look up?
How can we look forward if we are protecting ourselves from the past?
Where will we know to go, if we do not seek to follow our guiding light?
Are we willing to step into the unknown with love as our guide?

Are we ready to believe in the highest and best?
Are we willing to learn to relinquish the past?
Are we secure in our faith in the future?
Are we open and ready to accept our Good and even more?

Wake up and appreciate.
Look up for vision.
Reach up for help.
Step up to your Greatness.

The time is now to set your sights on your highest vision.
The way is now to remember your desires in your sight.
The place is now to fulfill your destiny and calling.
The Good is coming to those who are patient in their waiting.

What we conceive and believe, we will achieve.
When we are committed we persist until we succeed.
With Vision and Faith we can prepare for success.
All things work  together for our Good.

It is what we believe in and trust that will become so. 
Look up toward the light with Faith in your heart and Vision in mind and you will receive Your Good.
Wait patiently on your good, while staying committed in your endeavors with gratitude.
All good comes from doing Good in all things.  
Loving you, 
Betty Lue