Friday, June 07, 2013


I am loveable, capable and willing.
I see, know and love my Real Self.
I quickly and easily release all thoughts and feelings that limit me.
I give myself the freedom and trust, goodness and Love I deserve.

When you are living true to yourself and your true purpose in life, you are happy.
When you are loving your whole self well and being your best, you are helpful.
When you are learning from all your mistakes, past , present and future, you forgive others easily.
When you are trusting, respecting and honoring the Highest within, you trust and free everyone.

Life is an inside job.
All healing begins within.
All joy comes from releasing our regret.
All power comes from being wholly Good in our thoughts.

Real Love begins when we know, trust and live from Love within.
Real Love is honest and trust, not seeking and selfish.
Real Love lasts over time and space, not fading with age or stages in life.
Real Love is the essence of our Power and Grace, our Happiness and Faith.

When you are living dishonest and denying your true purpose, you are unhappy and discontent.
When you are critical and giving less than your best, you cannot be helpful or wise, or confident.
When you are judging others’ mistakes and your own, you will live with regret, resentment and fear.
When you are suspicious, disrespectful and dishonoring yourself and others, you cannot know love.

Integrity is being honest with yourself.
Integrity is knowing who You really Are.
Integrity is being true only to what is best for you.
Integrity is living everyday in a conscious and respectful way.

You know you are in integrity when you feel confident.
You know you are in integrity when you are peaceful.
You know you are in integrity when you are clear and decisive.
You know you are in integrity when you give your best to everyone.

Lack of integrity comes from thinking limiting and negative thought.
Lack of integrity comes from reactive, hurtful, judgmental feelings.
Lack of integrity comes with addictive, punitive, fearful and resentful behavior.
Lack of integrity comes from denying your own magnificence, creativity and goodness.

You must stop yourself when you feel angry thoughts, hurtful feelings or negative behavior.
You must take a break with conscious breathing to calm down, get centered and find peace.
Step away from the triggering situation or person until you can be calm, adult and respectful.
Return only when you can treat the other person with adult respectful, clear and kind behavior.

It may be unusual to encounter someone who lives in integrity.
It may be unfamiliar for you to be honest and true to yourself.
It may be uncomfortable to relate to others with authenticity and integrity.
It may be new to you to be confident and trusting, happy and helpful.

This is the REAL YOU.
Get used to it!!
Encouraging you to return to the REAL YOU!
Betty Lue