Saturday, June 08, 2013


I Am my own best friend.
As I learn to be a good friend, I attract good friends.
I forgive any and every mistake made by myself and others in our friendships.
I teach respectful friendship with my thoughts, words and behavior.

What kind of friend are you?
Do you make it safe for your friends?
Do you choose kind words for your friends?
Do you stand by your friends no matter what?
  • Friends respect each other’s choices.
  • Friends do not hurt each others feelings.
  • Friends apologize and forgive quickly.
  • Friends make the other’s needs as important as their own.
  • Friends give their best.
  • Friends do not expect the other to be perfect.
  • Friends accept one another no matter what.
  • Friends listen without judgment.
  • Friends do not give advice unless asked.
  • Friends allow each other freedom.
  • Friends respect different ideas, beliefs and opinions.
  • Friends don not compare, judge, envy or humiliate.
  • Friends commit to what is best for both.
  • Friends do not use threats, demands, destructive words or behavior.
  • Friends treat one other with kindness, courtesy and respect.
Whether you learned from your parents or in school or media, you may not have learned to be a friend.
Whenever I see friends hurt each other with words or deeds, I know they do not know what friendship mean.
When I hear about friends ignoring each other or gossiping about each other, I know they do not know.
When I see partners, lovers and roommates, do and say hurtful things, I know they don’t know friendship.

If you cannot be a friend to yourself, you cannot be a friend to others.
If you cannot stand by the people you love, you cannot be a true friend.
If you talk badly about someone who considers you a friend, you do not understand friendship.
If you cannot keep a confidence or secret, you do not know the rules of real friendship.

Being a friend is the guide to all high quality relationships.
To have a true friend, you must learn to be a true friend.

Friends don’t quit on each other.
Friends tell the truth kindly, when they know it is helpful.
Friends know how to help during difficult times.
Friends forgive quickly any mistake.
Friends show their affection through notes or word, hugs and smiles, spending time or giving service.
Friends will do whatever they can for one another, as they would want others to do for them.
Friendship is the guide to creating a world of healing and growth, laughter and love.

May we always be friends,
Betty Lue