Saturday, June 29, 2013

Empowering or Disabling?

The more I trust and believe in myself,  the more I trust and believe in others.
I love, trust and respect myself.
I am respectful, responsible and cooperative in all my relationships.
I no longer need others’ approval: I now approve of myself.
I learn from everyone and everything how to be more happy, peaceful and loving.

Are you empowering those you love?
Do you enable others to be dependent and needy?
Are you using others’ neediness to feel your own greatness?
Are you giving in order to get loyalty, indebtedness, dependency, or appreciation?

When parents feel guilt, they try to make up by buying things and saying Yes to every request.
When people feel dependent on having someone to love, they make the relationship co-dependent.
When parents judge their “deprived” childhood, they go overboard in giving their children everything.
When people feel sorry for others who have less, they often weaken them further with thoughtless giving.

Everyone has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We all have the right to have a life, to create our own life and to be free to choose how we live.
When we choose for another how to live, we deny them the opportunity to learn from their choices.
Our mistakes may be someone else’s source of enlightenment and self  realization.

It is time to let our children experience their choices and the natural consequences.
It is time to teach our kids being responsible is a source of power and learning.
It is time to stop giving others what they ask for….so they depend on us and stop complaining.
It is time to be responsible for our own mistakes and successes, so we can teach others with integrity.

Be respectful of your self and those around you.
Trust yourself and others to learn without your inter-”fear”-ance.
Believe people will benefit from mistakes, when they experience the natural consequences.
Know you can empower yourself by not asking or pleading for handouts from others.

Let us grow up and become a nation of responsible and mature adults.
Let us demonstrate how good it feels to take care of ourselves.
Let us admit we have been dependent on parents, government, money and “God”.
Let’s be willing to forgive our dependency, learned neediness and complaints.

Seek to be empowered by forgiving apparent mistakes.
Choose to learn from everything and everyone.
Step up with courage and wisdom to choose what is best.
Make your life Good so you can be a living example for Good.

What you do and say to your children and those around you will be believed by your life example.
Show what you have done and learned and achieved as a living example for others to see.
Be happy with yourself and your responsibilities.
Handle every relationship, every project, every expenditure, every gift with  respect and gratitude.

You are here to do Good, to have Good, to create Good and to live with the Goodness in you.
I Am living the Good Life I claim and share with you, 
Betty Lue