Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Don’t Agree If You Don’t!

I know and trust what is true for me.
I hold only positive and affirming thoughts.
I trust what is best for me is best for others.
I no longer judge, resent or resist others; I am at peace.
I love and support myself in silence and serenity. 
When I trust and respect myself, I am trusted and respected.

Don’t agree if you don’t.
Simple delete and don’t waste your energy.
Don’t go along to get along.
Simply acknowledge you see things differently.

There is no need to push or demand.
There is no need to explain or justify.
There is no need to avoid or resist.
There is only your need to respect your own ideas and opinions, beliefs and values.

Wars come from getting offended or angry by others’ beliefs.
Family feuds come from people taking others’ comments and emotional reactions personally.
Endless needless arguments are generated by people wanting to win and be right.
If any of this were beneficial, then enjoy the conflict; and if not, then agree to disagree!

There is no need to belittle someone else or make them wrong.
When we attack one another with our beliefs, are we not defending what needs no defense?
When we are demanding to get our way, are we not saying the other is inferior or less worthy?
When we are confronting others with our fixed opinions, are we not implying that we are better?

I learned long ago… Hold No Position!
I learned that it was offensive and unhelpful to fight for my position.
It worked to state my opinion, thought, ideal or value once and then let it go to listen to the other.
When there is no defensiveness, there is greater understanding, acceptance, healing and peace.

I learned to waste no energy on fighting to get my way.
I learned that getting my way at the cost of hurting, humiliating or belittling another was ineffective.
It works to seek always a win-win solution, so everyone’s needs are met.
When there is genuine desire to serve the greater Good, everyone benefits.

I trust you to know what is true for you.
I know that each of us holds a piece of the Truth.
I understand that there is no greater or lesser.
I believe the more we listen and respect one another, the more peace and happiness we all have.

If you disagree with me, I respect your ideas and opinions.
If you find another way that works for you, I offer no resistance.
If you are happy with what you believe and know and live, I trust your choices.
We each deserve to have, to do and say and live what is right and true for u.

The underlying gift is this:
When there is no resistance, we are more willing to consider other options.
When others listen and respect what we feel, the feelings often change.
When we give people the opportunity to express, they often change their minds.
There is no need to resist or resent others’ thoughts and feelings, when we respect our own.

Please simply  forgive, delete, translate and erase anything that is now true and helpful for you.
Respecting you in all your believe and hold true for you,

Betty Lue

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