Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Communication and Correspondence

Everything I think and say and do is teaching everyone in my world.
There are no secrets: we are connected all the time.
I am always loving you as I love myself.
Giving is receiving: I receive everything as I have given.

Do you hear me talking to you?
I can hear you talking to me.
Do you read my emails to you?
I read your emails to me.

Do you answer your phone and listen to the messages?
Do you read you text messages and notes sent to you?
Do you respond to those who talking to you in person?
Do you answer others questions and sharing themselves?

It is my policy for my entire professional career to respond within 2 hrs or less, when possible.
It has been my choice to not hire people as go between to schedule or be a receptionist.
It has been my desire to serve everyone who chooses to communicate as quickly as possible.
So I answer my phone calls, emails, texts, written mail and personal interaction immediately.

I treat others, as I want to be treated. 
I teach others by my example.
I respond to everyone equally.
I do not interrupt one communication for another.
I prefer to complete what I am doing, serving one at a time.
It is my earnest desire to treat everyone with respect and response-ability.
When I am talking to one person, I do not interrupt to answer the phone or talk to another, unless urgent.

All relationships are for the purpose of healing.
Relationships are to remember our wholeness and helpfulness.
All relationships are to communicate love and respect for one another.
Every relationships serves as a reminder to love one another as we want to be loved.

When people are used to judging, evaluating and comparing the value of one another, they show it.
When people forget to treat everyone with respect, they are diminishing their own value.
When we realize that how we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, we choose again.
When we forgive our errors in making some less important than others, we heal all relationships.

When I write thank you notes, I am remembering you with gratitude and love.
When I answer an email, I realize I am corresponding with my Self.
When I see you and greet you in person, I can see there is only One of us.
When I answer the phone (with God is calling), I am remembering your Holiness.

You are important to me.
We are the same, you and I.
We are in this world together.
It in responding to you that we connect.
It is in our connection that we communicate.
It is in our communication that we realize WE ARE ONE!

Please forgive me if you ever feel I have ignored or neglected you in any way.
It continues to be my intention to treat you and each person with the respect and the best I have.
When I, in any way, give you less than my best, I am mistaken and forgive my error.
When I remember we are all equal in the eyes of Love, I recognize that we are all worthy.

Letting you know I am with you in all ways,
Betty Lue