Friday, May 31, 2013

Kindness and Consideration

I choose the gentle path of kindness and consideration.
I am blessed with well-being, as I extend kindness to everyone.
Life is sweet, when I choose to consider the well-being of others.
All is well, when I remember the kindness within me.

When in doubt, choose to be kind.
When uncertain, always be considerate of others.
When you do not know, ask what you can do?
When you are ignorant, learn by watching and listening to what the kind and considerate people do.

Life is not difficult when you are willing to learn.
Life is always leading us toward success, when we are willing to be considerate.
Life is a delightful adventure when we actively forgive and choose again.
Life is meant to be kind, considerate and gentle.

When we are numb, we may not understand.
When we are selfish, we may think only of our needs.
When we are afraid, we may not be helpful.
When we are confused, we may make mistakes.

We can always be kind.
We can be kind to everyone, no matter what their behavior or words.
We can be kind in treating others with the kindness we want to receive.
We can be kind to teach everyone to find a better way to live and love and give.

We can be learn to be considerate.
As we take time to ponder what is good, we will know how and when to give goodness.
As we consider what is needed and wanted, we can notice what would be truly helpful.
As we reflect on what has been, we can see errors in our thinking, speaking and interactions.

We can choose again and find a better way.
We can forgive our selves for our ignorance.
We can stop using guilt as an excuse and take responsibility.
We can step up and give our best to everyone all the time.

Our neighbors deserve kindness and consideration.
Our parents and children deserve consideration and kindness.
Our partners and friends deserve kindness and consideration.
Our world and everyone in it will benefit from our kindness.

Think kind and you will feel kind and whole.
Speak with consideration, and you give your blessing.
Behave kindly toward others, no matter what.
Those lacking in kindness, need us to teach them to be kind and considerate.

Kindness is the “religion” of the Dalai Lama.
May your choice be to think, speak and treat others in the ways you value most highly.
May you live your philosophy of life in all your think and say and do.
May you remember your are teaching your world and everyone around you by your example.

You are my kin, my family whom I love and choose to treat with consideration and kindness.

Betty Lue