Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Keeping It Simple!

Inviting you to our 2 day retreat: “Self Remembering” May 25-26 at Reunion Lake House/Hermitage!!

May 1 is St. Germaine’s Ascension Day

Keeping It Simple!

Do you know what works?
Do you know what you need to “work” on?
Do you know how to quickly make your life better?
Do you know how to have a safe, fun, and easy really Good Life?

·     Know Your Authentic Self and Love Your Whole Self !
·     Forgive all mistakes, yours and others, quickly.
·     Give exactly and always what you want to have.

This is the basic formula for a Good Life.
This is the simple truth of what will work for you.
These are the 3 keys to having a fun, safe and easy life.
This is the way you easily access the Voice Within and inner guidance.

When you are guided, all is provided.
What you reveal, you can easily heal.
When you let go, you will grow.
Life is for giving and you are the Gift.

Our work this year is to know the Authentic Self and Love ourselves.
Where you are living under the myth that you are what others think, you  are mistaken.
When you believe in the projections of your world, you wil be deluded by faulty beliefs.
When you are consumed with going along to belong, you will forget your true Self.

Life is about clearing away what is limiting and false.
Relationships show us the places we still need to heal.
Every upset clues us into our own off purpose living, feeling and thinking.
We cannot be true to ourselves, when we do not know who we are.

As we uncover what is false, we discover what is true.
As we forgive and erase, we begin to see the face of innocence and Love.
As we let go of what others have believed, we see the unlimited One within.
We can begin to see the light inside when we forgive all the layers in which we hide.

To give is to receive.
What is given is then received.
What is given is creating a better world.
What is given teaches everyone everywhere.

When we complain, we are being called to serve.
When we argue, we are being reminded to heal.
When we judge, we are shown not to do harm.
When we forget, we are invited to remember Love.

Life is simple.
Life is brief.
Life is an opportunity.
To find relief.
For one and all.

Loving the discovery, forgiveness and contribution in life.
Betty Lue