Friday, May 03, 2013

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

When we are busy looking at our past, we may not look at where we are going.
When we are filling our lives with meaningless conversation, we may miss opportunities to love.
When we are looking at a map rather than taking life one step at a time, we may miss the turn.
When we are listening to someone else’s directions, we may neglect our own knowing.

Our road to travel is unique to us.
Our way of living is for us alone.
Our choices are for each to choose.
Our gifts to share are ours to give.

When we are looking in the rear view mirror, we cannot see where we are going.
When we have no destination, we may sit in the driveway and wait.
When we get lost, we cannot get directions if we don’t know where we are.
When we are busy texting and listening to irrelevant comments, we cannot pay attention.

Have you taken the time to clarify where you want to be?
Have you found the most fun, safe and easy way to get there?
Have you cleared your path of obstacles, struggles and debris?
Have you gotten whole being ready for the journey?

Our lives are like taking a road trip.
Most are wandering in the desert or woods confused about their choices.
Many choose what curtains to hang and vegetables to plant, before identifying where they are going.
Others are so conflicted by doubting their vision, values and goals, they go around in endless circles.

 A flat tire may be a welcome relief, if an excuse is needed to stay where you are.
Seeking something better or more may be a way of ignoring the value of what you have.
Shopping for the car you desire, before you have any money may be a waste of time.
Focusing on the infinite list of wishes and wants may delay the wise selection of what you need.

Wants are endless and needs are few.
Wants are never satisfied.
Needs can be met easily. 
Our ego wants more and our Spirit is satisfied with lhe simple basics.

Those who are content with simple foods, basic shelter and transportation are not distracted.
Those who seek simplicity,  find peace and happiness easily.
Those who search for the best deal often miss the opportunity for the greatezt good.
Those who are distracted by comparisons, envy and judgments often have ever-changing goals.

Choose a destination.
Set your mind on your direction.
Keep your focus on the path.
Forgive any distractions.
Keep on moving toward what really support you.
Be grateful for where you are, each step of the way.
Celebrate your completion.
Enjoying the journey in life.
May it be fun, safe, easy and simple for you.
Betty Lue