Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Give Everything to Love

There is no point in doing anything, if not done for Love.
There is no value in saying anything, if not said with Love.
There is no worth in having anything, if not being used for Love.
There is no meaning in being here, if not being here for Love.

Everything I do, I do for Love.
Everything I have, I have for Love.
Every bill I pay, I pay with Love.
Every encounter  I experience, I give my Love.

In the moment I may be distracted.
In the mental exercise of responding, I may forget the Love.
In the busy ness of the day, I may neglect the Love.
However, my true intention is to use everything I am and have always and all ways for Love.

I am Love.
I am an agent of Love.
I am called to Love.
I am created as Love for the purpose of Loving.
This is my Holy Purpose and so it is my calling, my art, my gift and my Truth.

My Home is shared as a retreat space for Love.
Our Hermitage Retreat House is dedicated to Loving and returning to Love.
All three centers and those that have been created in the past are for the purpose of awakening Love.
This Love is unconditional, and always available.

My work with counseling and coaching, teaching and guiding, speaking and creating, all I do for Love.
When I clean my home, write my reminders and books, send thank you notes, all I do with Love.
When I buy gifts, bake a cake, prepare a meal, do the laundry, harvest from our garden, all for love.
When I make a phone call, clear my desk, travel in the car, and think of you, all I do with the Love I AM. 

What is this Love?
Love is God.
Love is Goodness. 
Love is Abundance.
Love is Pure Happiness. 
Love is Peace. 
Love is Trust.
Love is Wisdom. 
Love is Vision.
Love is Holiness. 
Love is Enthusiasm. 
Love is Confidence.
Love is Remembering. 
Love is Contribution. 
Love is Equality. 
Love is Sharing. 

Do you remember now?  
You too are here for the healing and Holy Purpose of Loving.
Be the Love You are and everything else shall be added unto you.
May you always give the Love You Are and Know that Love is You!
Betty Lue

May 25-26
Self Remembering Retreat
10 AM Saturday until 5PM Sunday.

·      Discover Your Authentic Self.
·      Increase the Ways You Love You.
·      Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence.
·      Learn to Forgive and Release the Past.
·      Create New Ways to Trust and Affirm Yourself.
·      Access Your Life Purpose and Inspired Path.
·      Use Guided Imagery and Self Empowering Tools.
·      Choose fun, safety and easy Living everyday.

Facilitators: Betty Lue Lieber and Robert Waldon 
Where: Lake House& Hermitage, 17664 Greenridge Rd. Hidden Valley Lake, CA 95467
Lodging: At the Hermitage or local hotel/motel or home if local.
Meals Provided: Lunch & Dinner Saturday, Breakfast & Lunch Sunday
Registration: $50 deposit.  Suggested $75/ day or whatever feels good to you!