Friday, May 17, 2013

Are You Taking Good Care of You?

I forgive myself for not taking impecable care of me.
What is best for me is best for others.
I now love my whole self well.
I love, trust and respect my choices.
I choose to love myself well, no matter what.

You cannot really love another, until you love yourself well. 
You cannot really trust and free another, until you trust and free yourself.
You cannot really take good care of another, until you take good care of you.
You cannot really listen and respond with love to another, until you listen and respond to yourself.

Our first real job is to take good care of ourselves in every way.
We are given our own life to care for with excellence.
We must know what we need and what we want.
We must define our values, principles and goals.

Do you know who you are?
Do you recognize what inspires you?
Do you understand how to heal yourself?
Are you clear about what really matters to you?
Do you feel guided or called to your work or profession?
Do you live where you feel nurtured?
Do you associate with people who teach and encourage you?
Do you trust yourself and your choices/
Are you supportive of your personal needs?
Do you know how to be happy?
Are you giving all you have to give to others?
Are you living in integrity with what you believe?
Are your life choices transparent with no secrets?
Do you have upsets that you are ignoring or blaming others?
Are you willing to ask for and receive help when you have need?
Do you know how to calm yourself and come to peace?
Do you treat everyone as you want to be treated?
Do you honor and provide your physical, mental, emotional, financial and relational needs?
Have you given yourself a good life?
Are you willing to say “No” when it is not healthy for you?
Do you stay too long or leave too soon in relationships?
Do you ask too much and give too little?
Are you expecting to get what you have not given yourself?
Do you limit yourself and others with your fears?
Do you know how to respond with kindness to all requests?
Are you willing to disappoint others by choosing what makes you happy and healthy?

So often people think “being nice” is loving and good.
Or people want to live for themselves and neglect everyone else.
When you find balance, you remember what is good for you is good for others.
When you meet your needs and are happy, you teach others to meet their own needs and be happy.

Consider what you can do today, right now to be good to you.
Listen to your needs and respond with YES…a nap, good meal, warm bath, cup of tea, inspiring book?
When we are willing to give ourselves what we need and want, we begin to trust ourselves.
When we trust ourselves, we listen within and free ourselves to follow our inner calling.

Love your whole Self today and only Good will follow,
Betty Lue